How Can I Get an Estimate for my Move?

We provide free, no-obligation estimates here at Movers 101. Start by completing the required fields with your details online or give us a call on 212-317-2358 to discuss. We will calculate a base cost for your move as well as any additional services that you require such as help with packing, taking apart your furniture and reassembling at your new property, storage solutions, trash removal and more.

How Long to Move a 1 Bedroom Apartment?

Our moving times are dependent on a number of variables. The complexity of the move, the distance from property A to property B, and any additional services such as disassemblies and reassemblies are all taken into consideration. We aim to complete moves as quickly as possible without compromising on health and safety, care and attentiveness. A straightforward, local move of a 1 bedroom apartment can usually be completed within a day if items are disassembled, packed and placed close to the door. Complex, interstate moves may take longer. Here at Movers 101, we try to provide an estimated time scale with your free quotation.

Do Moving Companies Work on Weekends?

Opening hours differ depending on the moving company that you choose. So it’s important to find a company that offers moving services that suit you. Here at Movers 101, we believe it’s important to provide accessible services that can work around you. We understand that most people work from Monday to Friday which is why we work on weekends. Here when you need us, you can always rely on our team to provide a service that suits you.

What Factors Effect The Length Of My Move?

There are many factors that determine how long your move takes. Size of home/office and actual amount of items to be moved are the main factors. High rise buildings, stairs, elevators, apartments with long distances from unit to truck, extreme weather, and long distance of travel can increase move time. Move time is most efficient and fast when you make sure you are fully packed, large furniture is disassembled, and items are placed closed to the door or in your garage.

Once I’ve Hired Movers 101, What Am I Responsible For?

You need to take full responsibility for any high-valued items such as jewelry, antiques and crystal. Make sure each item is appropriately packed and marked.

Will You Provide A Certificate Of Insurance For My Building?

Most buildings in NYC require a certificate of insurance, to prove the movers are insured. We provide it free of charge with $5,000,000 in coverage.

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