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If you’ve decided to trade the Big Apple for the Windy City, you’re far from the only one. But whatever your reasons and no matter how good they are,New York will be hard to leave behind. Only part of that is down to the emotional attachment you probably feel for living in one of the greatest cities on Earth. The other reason why moving from NYC to Chicago is difficult has a lot more to do with the process itself. Interstate moving such as this can be very tricky. That’s why it’s important to have the right people on your side. And Movers 101 are those people! We will make your move from New York to Chicago quick, easy and stress-free. When we’re done, you will know why we are the best interstate moving company NYC has to offer, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Chicago skyline.
Prepare to live in the beautiful Windy City.

We’re the Best Moving Companies From NYC to Chicago With Years of Experience

When you’re moving to Chicago from NYC,you want to have the very best moving company backing you. There’s no room for error or experimentation. And that is precisely why Movers 101 are an excellent choice. With multiple years of experience in the business, an excellent reputation and thousands of satisfied clients, we are not a gamble in any way. You can rely on us during your relocation and trust us to be one of the best moving companies in NYC, including:

Of course, you can rest assured that our workers are highly-trained and reliable. This way, whatever we are helping you with – whether it is moving to Chicago or just storage and packing supplies, we will offer only the best. Your items will be in capable hands, and you will be able to rely on us with anything.

But most of all, we are affordable! Knowing just how high the costs of a move can get, we try to ensure that all our moving costs are highly competitive. So, you will be getting the best moving services in the industry with an average-to-low cost. This way, you will save a lot on the move while also getting as much as you can. Adding the fact that we are the movers with years of experience in the moving industry, you will be ready for your move to Chicago in no time.

Moving from NYC to Chicago will be easy with our moving experts

Our ultimate goal in providing New Yorkers with moving services for their relocation to Chicago is to make the process easier for them. As our client, you are at the top of our priority list and we will do everything to make you happy with your move. We do this by ensuring the relocation is as easy as possible for you. With the help of our professional movers and packers, you will hardly have to lift a finger. Instead, you can leave everything to the utmost moving experts in the country who will make moving from New York City to Chicago easy.

Use the best moving and packing supplies

When you’re relocating with the help of Movers 101, you don’t have to worry about getting quality packing supplies NY – we’ve got it covered! Movers 101 will supply you with the perfect moving boxes in a variety of sizes, just right for your specific packing needs. And we’re not just talking about small, medium and large boxes. In fact, we also offer a variety of specialty boxes – for books, appliances, picture frames, even fine china dishes. Just tell us what you need to pack and we will give you the tools to do it!

A moving box used for moving from NYC to Chicago.
Use only the best packing supplies for your move.

Get some extra space with our excellent storage units in NYC

Sometimes moving from NYC to Chicago requires a creative solution for your belongings. Our excellent storage space NY can be that creative solution for you. Are you downsizing and looking for somewhere to keep your possessions out of the way? Are you taking your time with the packing and don’t want to be tripping over boxes the entire time? Or maybe you need a little more time to get everything in order and don’t want to deal with moving boxes cluttering your home? Either way, our spacious and secure storage units are at your disposal.

Can't say enough about the great experience I had moving. Louie, Janos, and Lorenzo took great care of us. Any issue quickly became a non issue. The crew took great care in protecting and packing furniture to the point I felt they were going overboard! They took better care of my items than I would. 5-star experience. You'd be crazy not to request this crew. They had me loaded up, transported, and delivered from a walk-up in Brooklyn to a single family home in Nassau county LI in under four hours.

Derek V. / Merrick, NY / Yelp

An efficient residential move that you can count on

You need to keep efficiency in mind when you are thinking about relocating your home from NYC to Chicago. First, the obvious problem – the traffic in both cities can be quite horrible. This is why you need to plan your logistics carefully. You will want to move around the traffic rush as much as you can. Otherwise, you might be stuck there for hours! So, the first thing you will want to tackle is the logistics. Luckily, we are experts in moving around both NYC and Chicago, so we know exactly how to make your move as efficient as possible.

Then, we can help you with moving supplies. Packing is often tiring – and many set aside months in order to do it correctly. The majority of your time will be spent on looking for supplies. Luckily, as we mentioned, we can offer the most reliable packing supplies, thus cutting the time even more. Then, you can learn a lot about the packing process – from packing fragile items to handling heavy and bulky furniture. When we take care of these items, though, we will do it with the utmost care, ensuring that you will be happy with the move!

Knowledge is power when moving from NYC to Chicago – let us help you learn

You’ve probably heard the saying that knowledge is power. This is absolutely true when moving to another state! Preparation is key and a great part of that preparation is learning: about the moving process, about dealing with relocation, about your new home, even about yourself. By learning about moving, you make moving easier. And there’s no one better to learn from than experienced moving experts like us!

Find out more about the moving process and different moving services

If you have never moved before, there are probably many things you will find difficult or confusing. Even if you have some experience with moving, it never hurts to brush up on your knowledge about it. But whatever your situation, you will need someone or somewhere to learn from. This is why we share the best tips with you on our blog. And for any specific questions you may have, our excellent customer service representatives are at your disposal. Just give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist!

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Learn more about relocation from the comfort of your bed with our blog!

Learn about Chicago before moving there

Before leaving New York for Chicago, you should also get informed about your new home. In some ways, Chicago is not entirely dissimilar to NYC. You will, for example, still get to enjoy a great public transportation system, good work prospects, a wide variety of entertainment options, and a very diverse real estate market. But there are some major differences too. While Chicago is far more affordable to live in than New York, you will probably not be happy with its notoriously high property tax. You will also have to deal with winters much colder and harsher than even New York’s and extreme heat in the summer. So pack well!

We are the movers that care for you!

What makes us stand out from other moving companies is that we are the movers that care about your moving needs. A lot of companies tend to look at their bottom line or try to rush things so they can make other appointments. However, we work hard to ensure that you will be absolutely happy with your moving experience.

Working closely with you, we will go over each task that will need to be taken care of during your move. This way, you will be completely at ease with the move, since you can know what to expect. We encourage you to also talk to us about your anxieties and expectations so that we can work to overcome them. There is no easier move than you will get with Movers 101!

Start your relocation off on the right foot – contact us now!

If you want to start your relocation off right, then there is no time to waste. So don’t hesitate to contact us and get the best possible help with moving from NYC to Chicago! Our specialized long-distance moving teams can’t wait to lend you a hand.

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