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Premier NYC Movers With Competitive Prices!

With a combined experience of 30 years in the moving business and a flawless track record, Movers 101 are one of the most trusted names among moving companies in Brooklyn.

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We are a trustworthy Brooklyn moving company, focused on offering personalized relocation services and perfect customer care when it comes to local and long distance moving.
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Cheap & Affordable Moving Company in Brooklyn NYC

Whether you’re a current or soon-to-be New York resident or you’re planning to move out of state entirely, you’ll need a Brooklyn local moving company that you can trust to successfully and confidently transport all of your precious belongings to a new home or office.

Movers 101 stands among the leading licensed movers in Brooklyn. Our tireless team can look back over 30 years’ worth of combined experience - and we’re known for the great care and precision with which we deliver our services.

We care about your experience and strive to make sure that all of your items are well-protected throughout their journey. Whatever articles you need us to transport, our expert hire movers in NYC will get them to their destination on time - and without a scratch.

Our Specialist Moving Services

Despite being one of the more affordable moving companies in NYC, the team at Movers 101 is still able to offer a tailored range of precise, high-quality services to meet the unique needs of any client. Just because you’re saving doesn’t mean you should expect anything less than perfection!

We have a wealth of local knowledge and our drivers know the streets of New York City like the backs of their hands. However, you can still make full use of our exceptional services if you’re heading out into the wider state or beyond thanks to our expertise as long-distance movers.

Whether you’re moving insterstate, such as to New Jersey or moving to sunny Florida, you can rest assured that your belongings will reach their destination safely.

However, moving with Movers 101 is about so much more than carting truckloads of belongings from A to B - we offer a wide range of bespoke resources to ensure that everything goes as smoothly for you as possible. We know that moving is stressful, so we’ll do whatever is required to ease the process for you.

Looking for the Leading Moving Company in NYC?

At Movers 101, we’re proud to be among the most versatile full service movers in NYC. Our team members are well trained and highly skilled in hoisting and crating, and we can also provide quality carpentry services. We can even remove your trash for you to make matters quicker and easier!

One particular aspect that places us among the best moving companies in Brooklyn NY is our superb selection of specialist storage facilities. These super-secure locations are the perfect place to keep your items in order to protect them from theft or damage.

Along with these fantastic services, you can also obtain quality moving supplies from us - including durable, eco-safe boxes to make transporting your items easier and safer. We use these exact same containers ourselves - so you know they’re of the very best quality.

What Our Brooklyn Moving Company Moves

Our Brooklyn movers have lengthy experience in handling belongings of all kinds - whether your move is a residential or commercial one.

We know that moving delicate office equipment and items belonging to your company can be extremely stressful and, without the right equipment and approach, can easily end in disaster.

Luckily, Movers 101 is among the most experienced and well-organised moving companies in NYC. We have everything required to carefully transport commercial apparatus, products and machines from one place to another - whether that’s across the city or to a whole new state.

If you have articles that promise to be very difficult to transport, just let us know so that we can carefully plan the process. We’re great problem solvers!

We’re a slick, punctual and attentive residential moving company too. Your precious items, including art, sculpture, musical instruments (even pianos!) glazed articles and anything besides will be carefully loaded up and delicately transported to avoid any damage.

If you have any questions about how to pack or transport certain items, just let us know and we’ll provide you with expert advice.

Moving in Record Time, Every Time

With all the care and attention we give to transporting your items, you’d think that the process would be slow. However, this is not the case whatsoever.

Whenever you need your move to happen, our team of Brooklyn movers will plan the process in such a way that it takes as little time as possible - keeping your belongings safe and protected all the while.

A NYC Moving Company with a Perfect Track Record

Throughout their careers as movers in Brooklyn, our team members have remained passionate about maintaining their flawless track record and completing a perfect move every time.

All you need to do is take a look at our many glowing testimonials to see that our services never fail to impress.

Movers in New York - Our Brooklyn Moving Service relieves the Stress

Moving house or to new business premises can be exciting because it offers the prospect of a new start. But it can also be stressful since there is so much to think about and lots of things that can go wrong.

At Movers 101, we have a team of the best movers in New York and we take the stress out of moving because we do so much for you. That means you can concentrate on other things that really matter to you and don't need to worry about the move because we’ll deal with everything.

Cheap Movers in Brooklyn - All Types of Moves at Competitive Prices

Whether you’re moving a short distance or across states, whether moving a home or a business and irrespective of if it’s a big move or just a few items, we’re movers in New York that can handle it. As professional movers in NYC, we have many years experience in moving all sorts of items between different locations, both near and far such as long distance Manhattan movers, Our other areas include:

And if you simply need to store some items for a period, possibly while you’re between properties, we can handle that too.

We don’t claim to be cheap movers in Brooklyn because a cheap price often means a sub-standard service. That can lead to delays, damaged furniture and an increase in your stress levels, which we want to avoid. So instead, we provide a professional and friendly service that will get you moved on time, with no fuss and at a competitive price.

A Professional Service from Home Movers in Brooklyn, NY

Our service as NYC movers and packers is always based on you, the customer, so we always do what’s best for you. In order to achieve that, we:

  • plan and prepare thoroughly because that’s the basis of a successful move that goes without any hitches
  • treat all your belongings as though they are our own, with extreme care to avoid any damage
  • operate as a family business where you can deal with the owners rather than being some large multi-national company with un-named individuals at the end of the phone
  • being a business movers, we treat every move individually rather that having a rigid approach to each job
  • have comprehensive insurance cover so that, if the worst should happen, you’re covered against every eventuality
  • have a fleet of vehicles to cover every size of move
  • employ people who are fully trained and experienced as well as caring for each customer’s needs
  • have a full range of equipment and materials so we can carry, transport and store items safely.

If you trust your move to us as Brooklyn local movers, we’ll fully assess what’s involved and will prepare a detailed plan for the day of the move. We’ll turn up at an arranged time that’s suitable for you, remove all items carefully and efficiently from your premises to our vehicles and then install them safely at your new property when we get there.

We use modern equipment and the latest technology to make the job go as smoothly as possible. But mostly, we use professionalism, experience and a caring attitude because they’re what get the job done without any fuss. The outcome is a move that’s accomplished without stress for you so you can relax throughout the whole process.

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in using one of the best movers in Brooklyn, why not get in touch for an in-depth consult today? Our specialist advice and financial estimates are absolutely free - so you’ve got nothing to lose by making contact.

All you need to do is to let us know what you need to be moved, where it’s coming from and where it’s going, as well as letting us know about any specific needs or requests you may have.

Need a Moving & Storage Company in NYC?

There are many reasons why you would look into finding some reliable storage NYC. Maybe you have realized just how many things you have in your apartment. This is perfectly normal - we go through our lives not even noticing just how much clutter we collect. Or you might be moving to New York, and need to find the best storage unit to keep your things there - even for a night. Finally, you might be running a busy office, and you need extra space for all your documents and paperwork. Whatever the reasons are, Movers 101 are the people you need! We have both long term and short term storage units - and all we need is for you to call us! Safe, moving and storage companies NYC is waiting for you!

Your Solution for Storage Services in Brooklyn

There are many reasons you might be looking for moving and storage companies in Brooklyn. Sometimes you just don’t realize how much stuff you’ve acquired and one day you look round your apartment and realize you’ve hardly got room to move, but you just can’t decide what you can bear to part with. Perhaps your office is looking cluttered with spare chairs, empty desks, and disused filing cabinets or storage boxes full of all the stuff you’ve been keeping ‘just in case’? Selling your possessions or having an office clearance doesn’t need to be your only choice. After all, you’ve been keeping these things for a reason. Movers 101 provides safe and secure storage in Brooklyn for all your moving and storing needs.

What Moving & Storage Facilities Can We Offer in NYC?

We can move and store anything. It doesn’t matter how big or small your items are, we’ve got a storage unit suitable. If you’re concerned that what you’d like to store is too big or too difficult to move, don’t worry, just get in touch and we’ll tell you how we can move and store it for you. Our NYC storage units are in a city renowned for big price tags on little spaces. Movers 101, the best moving company in NYC, knows how expensive it can be to find good storage at affordable prices, so we have done our best to keep our prices as low as possible whilst maintaining high levels of service.

Contact The Best Moving Company in NYC Today

However simple or complex your relocation may be, our team of local movers in NYC can help you. Just give us a call today on 212-317-2358 or use our handy online contact form to send us a query, ask for advice or request a free estimate.

We’d be pleased to help you reach the next exciting step in your life, whether you’re moving offices within the city or shifting your entire life to another state.
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Local moving

Local Moving

Our trained team of local movers NYC knows every corner of the Big Apple. We offer top-notch moving expertise at competitive rates!

Long distance

Long Distance

Whether you’re looking to relocate your office cross-state or nationwide, long distance Movers 101 are here to provide full support.

Storage services

Storage Services

Secure and affordable storage units NYC that you can rely on to keep your residential or commercial belongings safe from harm.

Special Services

Special Services

Crating, Hoisting, Carpentry, Trash Removal – our Brooklyn movers do everything to ensure safety when handling your move.

Customer Testimonials

Movers 101 were great! They moved my daughter from her apt in NYC to her 3rd floor walk up in Brooklyn. They were quick, efficient and made the process go very smoothly. They set up everything and made sure we were happy before they left. I highly recommend them!

- Beth B. / Saddle River, NJ / Yelp

About Movers 101

For more than three decades, Movers 101 has been meticulously building a rich reputation as one of the most reliable and affordable moving and storage companies in NYC. Our team goes through extensive training, and uses only the best relocation resources available to offer a unique moving experience to all our customers. We are a small business focused on exceeding any and all customer expectations.

Moving Process

The Moving Process

When you call us, you speak with us – the owners! We answer all your questions and plan your move to fulfill your unique needs, making everything straightforward, simple and easy. We help you meet any challenge, from advanced planning advice to last-minute moves.

  1. We offer consults and detailed moving estimates for free.
  2. Our movers plan in advance and always arrive on time.
  3. We will pack, load and transport everything with care.

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