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When it comes to moving a family home, an established business, or getting into a new apartment, it can come as something of a surprise to find that your items are not quite as a mobile as you expected. We accumulate belongings quickly, and sometimes we might even consider ditching much-loved items in favor of an easy move. If they are useful things, such as bulky office equipment, furniture, or even antiques, we may end up making a poor financial decision in their repurchase.

That is why it is always a good idea to invest in professional Gravesend movers. With a little experience and understanding, any item can be moved and relocated without any great financial cost nor damage to the item or items in question. Whether you are moving a piano down a flight of stairs or need to get your photocopier into a new office, there is always a way – if it can be gotten in, it can be gotten out!

Gravesend Movers Committed to Great Customer Service

Over the years we’ve been in business, we’ve developed a sincere love of helping our customers to enjoy the process of moving. In most cases, we’ve found that the key is understanding and empathy. Not every relocation is straightforward, and we know that this requires a bespoke service for each job, an approach adopted by all our movers. Gravesend is a diverse community, and we’re only too happy to support each and every customer’s needs!

There is a whole range of services at your disposal when you choose us as your Gravesend moving company. We offer:


These are frequently your first point of contact with us, whether it is via the phone or through email. We believe that you can get the best out of our service if we open up communication early and get a thorough understanding of the kind of move you will be making. We’ll ask you questions about the type of items you’ll want to move, details of both properties and destinations, amongst many other things, so we can get as full a picture as possible.

Moving supplies

It’s one of the things that people frequently overlook, but moving boxes are actually one of the most vital resources you will have when it comes to moving. That’s we’ve always got a healthy supply of eco-friendly, sustainably made boxes ready for your use for when you are ready to pack up.

Decluttering services

In our line of work, we are often presented with the dilemma that people don’t like to leave anything behind, even if there are things they no longer want or require. It’s for this reason that we’ve put together a service which means we can get rid of your trash, unwanted and broken or discarded items.

All this is without even mentioning our fantastic local movers and drivers, all of whom are highly trained in manual handling, logistics, and navigation. That means we’ll always have the right equipment for the job, know how to execute in a timely fashion and get through the traffic of the city, the state or even the country if you are moving out of state, to your new premises.

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Whatever your needs or requirements, whether it is a complete relocation of business premises or setting up a new bachelor pad across town, we’re ready for the call. Simply call us now or fill in our online form, and we’ll offer a free quote on your move today! Get in touch now!

We’re ready whenever you are. So, call us today and let’s start working together.

Our Gravesend movers are committed to making sure the job is done right. And to achieve that, they will devote 100% of their time and energy to your move!

Movers 101 were great! They moved my daughter from her apt in NYC to her 3rd floor walk up in Brooklyn. They were quick, efficient and made the process go very smoothly. They set up everything and made sure we were happy before they left. I highly recommend

Beth B. / Saddle River, NJ / Yelp

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