How to pack for a long distance move

You can often hear that nobody likes packing. However, there are those few among us that enjoy it. There is something exciting about the prospect, especially in a relocation. You are essentially taking into your hands everything that you own and hold dear. In a strange way, you are reintroduced to all the things you have in your possession. You might see some logic in this, but even if you don’t, our guide on how to pack for a long distance move is a rather practical one. You don’t have to love it, but you ought to do it right. If you don’t, you risk damage to your property!

Before you pack for a long distance move – movers

If you have already done this step, you are free to move to the inventory part of this guide on how to pack for a long distance move, however, for everybody else, we hope you stay with us on this small digression on how to hire best long distance movers NYC.

But why even talk about it?

Well, while we talk about packing for a long-distance relocation, we are really talking about packing for quite a bumpy ride. Even if your destination is covered by good roads, by the simple nature of a long road, somethings will tumble around in the truck. Therefore, you need a mover who knows how to do their job. If you don’t have those who take great care when stacking your packed items, who drive with care and have good trucks, you will find that no amount of packing will protect your fragile possessions.

highway after pack for a long distance move
If you are moving over a long distance, you need good people with a good set of wheels to get you there.

But how do you recognize a good moving company? Well, much like all happy families in Tolstoy’s famous novel, good moving companies all look alike. They all possess some basic things that make them successful. These are the three most important ones:

  • Legal. Ok, we might seem a little bit too obvious here, but hear us out. There are a lot of people who believe in the “friendly neighboorhood” facade of some unregistered “companies” out there. Others yet want to save a few bucks. Do not to this. Do not write anything for these unlicensed companies. It will only put you at great risk.
  • Courteous. The company has to have good communication. Questions on how will they pack for a long distance move (if they are doing it) have to be answered quickly and clearly.
  • Of adequate capacity. Good trucks with good drivers. Simple as that.

Why reviews matter

But, you may be wondering, how will I know if they are good long distance movers? And yes, how will you know? Some things you can see clearly, for example, the license, but others you have to experience – or rather somebody who had experienced them has to tell you so.

5 star review
What does the 5-star review really mean for you?

What we are talking about here are the reviews. They can be found on the website of the moving companies, but also on platforms such as Google or Yelp. Such reviews will reveal a great deal about the company.

Be sure to read the bigger ones. While the concise “they were great” under five yellow stars seem quite clear, it does not point out specifics. You need to know if their packing service sufficed if they were punctual if they have any experience in long distance relocation etc.

Take inventory

Ok, so, let us focus on how to actually pack for a long distance move. So, the first step is definitely to take inventory, as the headline suggests.

What do we mean? Before you plan out your impending moving to Texas from NY, take a pen and paper and go through literary everything you own. Be extremely thorough. Put down everything, not just the things you know you will take with you.

Once you have listed everything, be ready to categorize it. Now, there are no set rules here. Categorize however you will. But, you should always do it in a way that will be clear for you when you have to unpack those. If you don’t have any ideas, categorization by value, room, size, weight or use are some of those you can use.

After that, sit down and go through the list. What will be going into moving boxes NYC and what will not? There are four real options. You are either moving it with you and it should be marked for packing, selling it online or in a yard sale, storing it (again, has to be packed) or donating it away. All in all, those are your options when it comes to your possessions. Now, let’s pack those you decide you need!

Pack properly

When you undertake your long-distance moving to Florida from NY, you want your packed items to not move around a lot. For this, you need cushioning materials such as paper or styrofoam. Furthermore, you also want the boxes to be of good size. Not too cramped and not too liberal with space.

A man moving boxes
Feeling too over incumbent? Get help!

Also, disassemble the furniture if possible and put electrics into their original boxes, together with installation and assembly instructions should you be able to find it. All Fragile items are to be marked as such.

Or use the service

As a final bit of advice on how to properly pack for a long-distance move, be sure to know that you don’t really have to do it all by yourself. If you are not the type to enjoy it, and if you are not too good at it, you might be better of calling for the cavalry. Having movers do it is more expensive, as it is an additional service. However, doing it wrong and losing your dear possessions though to various avoidable ways, well, that could be a lot more expensive. Therefore, be sure to do it right, or get someone who can!

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