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New York is a great place to live in, but it is also something else. It is great. As in big-great. As in it has a huge population and a large urban sprawl. Its rich in many communities and all 6 parts of it, the New York City boroughs, have unique lifestyles associated with them. In this rich NYC universe, moving from one borough to the other can seem like a big change indeed. With that in mind, are you planning on such a move? Are you intending to be moving from Brooklyn to Staten Island?

If you are, you have come to the right place. We will do our best to explain exactly what makes these neighborhoods thick and compare them, offering you the pros and cons of your decision to leave Brooklyn behind and move to Staten Island borough.

Without further introduction, let us begin!

Basic information about both boroughs

Before we can list the specific differences between these two boroughs we need to go over the big picture. To take a good look at both NYC boroughs and see what makes them tick.

Basic information about both boroughs
Let us see what boroughs of New York hold

With that in mind, before you can pick the very best moving company in Brooklyn to give you your moving quote and embark you upon your relocation, let’s see what are some basic information we need to get o


Brooklyn local movers will take you from your apartment in this neighborhood, making it just one person or a family smaller. However, you will find that this is not that great of a loss for Brooklyn since it is the most populated borough of all. Its population as, by this point, more than 2.6 million people, making it the biggest one in New York (closest contender is Queens with 2.3 million people, which means that these two boroughs make up around half of City of New York total population of 8.6 million citizens.

Let’s see what things are different in Brooklyn

It is located in Kings County and has recently seen an economic boom. People have been flooding into Brooklyn, seeking good apartments while living close to Manhattan jobs… but with that said, what happens with the rest of NYC. Is Brooklyn best for everybody?

Staten Island

As you will see for yourself when you relocate Richmond county by Gowanus movers, Staten Island borough, Richmont county, NYC has a lot to offer. It is a stark contrast to Brooklyn, being the least populated borough of New York. It only has around half a million people, spread out across 58.37 square miles of territory.

Economic opportunities from moving from Brooklyn to Staten Island

If you are seeking better business opportunities, Staten Island might not be the better option per se. Brooklyn’s proximity to Manhattan definitely offers advantages. However, you will see from the data that the gross domestic product per capita in both boroughs hovers around 23,000 $, meaning that they are quite comparable.

Economic opportunities from moving from Brooklyn to Staten Island
What are your opportunities?

Opportunities here are less linked to Manhattan and are homegrown, meaning that you will probably have a shorter community, which is a win for sure.

Culture and lifestyle

However, don’t take this to mean that the commercial movers Brooklyn will be relocating you or your business to some great distance. You are still very much near Manhattan, and that is especially true in spirit, as you will find that Staten Island is still very much New York. If you like the art scene in NYC, you will be delighted to know that many artists of all kinds relocate to Staten Island, as here apartments are much more affordable, while it is still fairly close to Manhattan.

Staten Island also has its own cultural scene. It is a place of great movie industry, of theater and cultural events, and great homegrown music scenes, even producing Wu-Tang Clan. It is not a stretch to say that Staten Island is known for its hip hop scene.

Staten Island transportation

With apartments more affordable, business opportunities present and culture flourishing, what else is there to say about Staten Island? Well, there is still one main point to review – how well connected is it?

Of course, due to its position, we will first cover bridges. OF those it has three vehicular bridges and one railroad bridge. Most famous of these Verrazzano-Narrows bridge, while Bayonne bridge is the only one you can walk over.

As for cars, you will find that this borough has most of them per household.

And of course, don’t forget the Staten Island ferry which can take you over the river anytime you want.

It is still NYC

People often conflate the specific differences of the particular boroughs with the spirit of NYC which all boroughs share. Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Bronx all have that quintessential New York spirit. So, that being said, what will not change once you relocate to Staten Island? What will stay the same?

It is still NYC
Things all of NYC shares
  • You will still live fast. If there is one thing that no part of NYC is, then that would be sleepy. Simply moving from Brooklyn to Staten Island won’t change that, even if there are some slight differences in lifestyle. You have to face it. New York is the city that never sleeps, and that is not something that will change much.
  • On Staten Island, you will still have great scenery. Even if you are in love with late-night rooftop nights, watching the skyline of Manhattan over the East River, there is something to enjoy in a little bit tamer Staten Island.
  • Wherever in NYC you move to, you are still living in the business capital of the world. There is no equal to business opportunity anywhere but New York, and that is definitely not a trait that is held by a single borough.

In conclusion

So, with everything about moving from Brooklyn to Staten Island covered, will you do it? Are the pros worth the cons? We hope that we helped you figure it out!

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