Tips for moving rugs and carpets

Getting ready for the relocation? Have you found a good job or a better place to settle down with your lovely family? Congratulations! Now it’s time to prepare for the moving process. Gathering packing materials, transferring your utilities and searching for a good school for your kids are just a few things that you will have to take care of. However, hiring professional Movers 101 will significantly reduce the moving stress. Packing also takes a decent amount of time, moving rugs and carpets as well. And how can you prepare for moving rugs and carpets? Let’s find out!

Moving Rugs And Carpets – DIY or Hire A Professional Moving company?

Packing process takes most of the time during the relocation. If you want to make the unpacking process easier, you will pack all of your belongings properly before the moving day comes. You will also label each box and use a color-coded system (different color for each room) in order to unpack all your items fast and settle down easily. Moving rugs and carpets is not an easy task. Moving your rugs and carpets is also a time-consuming and intimidating process. If you think you can not execute this task on your own, you should contact your professional mover as soon as possible.

However, if you want to pack and move your rugs and carpets by yourself, you should follow these tips:

  • Organize
  • Clean, Wash and Dry
  • Prepare the Carpet
  • Roll up Your Carpet
  • Tie Them Up Before Moving Rugs And Carpets


As you already know, organizing is the most important step during every relocation process. In order to finish everything on time and avoid unnecessary complications, you should organize your time and make a checklist.

Before Moving Rugs and Carpets – Clean, Wash and Dry

If you are not in a rush and you have at least a few weeks before the moving day, you should clean and wash your rugs and carpets. Be sure to remove every stain and clean food leftovers from your rugs and carpets before you pack them for the move or storage unit. If you haven’t washed your carpet for a long time, you should hire a professional cleaning service to wash your carpet for you. However, if the carpet is clean, simple vacuuming will be enough. Moisture can damage your carpet and cause mold in the long term so be sure that your carpet is completely dry before packing it.

vacuum cleaner
Be sure to wash, clean and dry your carpets and rugs before moving!

Prepare the Carpet and Rugs

Remove everything from the carpet and lay it down flat. The soft side should be facing up (the side with the fibers). However, if you have a huge carpet, you will, most likely, need some help. You can ask a friend to come over and help or you can wait for your professional mover to arrive. A professional moving company has trained workers. They will pack, protect and roll up your carpet in no time.

However, if you want to roll up your rug like a pro, you should buy an archival tube or cardboard rug tube. These tubes are available to get at home improvements stores. The archival tube will help you to roll up your carpet faster but it will also give the internal support to the carpet and prevent bending and wrinkling during the transport and carrying around!

If the carpet is old and has weakened and torn back, it should be rolled up with the back side facing inward.

Roll Up Your Carpet

Time for rolling your carpet up! Keep on your mind that you might need some help if your carpet is huge. However, you can always do the job on your own but it will, unfortunately, take a little bit of time. Start rolling carpet slowly and keep the tube in the center of the carpet while you are rolling the carpet. A piece of fabric placed in between the carpet and the tube will prevent the carpet from moving and it will keep it in the place while you are rolling. The best materials to use for that are muslin and cotton. Since the cloth is actually a buffer, it will prevent the carpet from sliding while you are rolling it up.

rolled rug
Use an archival or cardboard rug tube to roll your carpet faster and easier.

Tie Your Carpets and Rugs Up

In order to secure and protect your carpet during the transport, you will have to tie it up in several places. You can use a rope or strips of fabric to tie it up properly. But also, be sure not to tie the carpet to tightly. Tie a carpet before placing it in the moving truck and prevent it from unrolling during the transport or while it’s in the storage facility. If you are planning to store your rugs and carpets, contact your professional mover and ask about their storage services and solutions.

A Professional Moving Company Makes Moving Rugs and Carpets Easier!

If you have no time, will and strength to deal with packing and relocating process overall, you should hire a professional mover! The team of professionals will pack and relocate all your belongings fast and safely. Whether you are moving locally or making a long-distance move, you can be sure that your items will be safe and protected. Every professional moving company tries to satisfy its customers. A professional mover offers a lot of moving services too. Some of those services are:

  • Local and Long-distance Move
  • Residential and Commercial Move
  • Storage Services
  • Moving Insurance
  • Special Services
woman, thumbs up
A professional moving company has trained workers. They will roll up your rugs fast and easy.

These were the simple tips for moving rugs and carpets. If you still think that you can not execute this task on your own, you should hire professionals. However, if you want to roll your rugs and carpets by yourself, follow these tips and you won’t have a problem!


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