5 Major Challenges of Long Distance Moving

Here at Movers101, we have over thirty years of experience dealing with long distance moves in NYC. As much as it can be a high pressure endeavour, we aim to make it as stress free as possible. We have the equipment, services and prices to boot. Nonetheless, whether you plan of hiring a professional moving company or want to brave it alone, be prepared for all that you’ll encounter with your major relocation. Hopefully, this post will help to dispel some of your concerns.

1. Packing Precision

Moving companies in particular know that long distance moves require more specialised equipment than local ones. Especially given that your belongings will travel further and spend a greater amount of time boxed up and in transit. Movers can bring along specific packaging that will safeguard your items. Just be aware that oftentimes, you won’t be the only client, so label your boxes really well to ensure the best level of care and to help speed up your unpacking processes. Color code, label and wrap well to guarantee a smooth transportation. If you decide to do it yourself be sure to plan checkpoints where you can look in on all your valuables.

2. Be Ruthless with What You Take

Moving companies in NYC will charge you based on several different factors, namely, distance travelled and space occupied. It’s not always based on a fixed hourly fee as with a local move. Consequently, go though all your possessions to decide what will really be valuable and what you can otherwise get rid of for now and buy again later. Recycle, pass onto friends or donate all that you don’t need. At the end of the day this is your new start, so focus on what’s truly important and give yourself a fresh, clean start.

3. Timing Is Everything

Be in contact with your new landlord/agency etc, to find out exactly when you can move in and plan accordingly. You want to avoid the nightmare of arranging last minute storage and hotel arrangements. A cross country move is nothing to be blasé about. Be organized every step of the way. When you’re armed with information, try and book out of season transit to save money and hassle.

4. Will You Need to Store Anything?

Whether this means leaving belongings in your current place of residence for the time being or sorting out a new home for them in your next city, be sure to arrange it with plenty of time. A lot of NYC moving companies like ours can sort out storage for you!

5. Tie Up Loose Ends to Unravel New Beginnings

Pay off bills, update your address, inform friends, family and clients by throwing a gathering. Have a final visit to your favourite coffee shop and plan out services, amenities and places of interests you plan on visiting/using once you arrive at your new destination. This will help you to deal with the transition period.

To sum up, a long distance move is a huge life moment and you deserve to have a pleasant experience. Organize yourself well but don’t be afraid to ask for help from an interstate moving company in New York or get a free estimate here. We’ll always advise you as best we can, especially if you’re passing by the big apple!

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