Best Way to Pack Clothing When Moving Homes

We cannot live without our clothes and the vast majority of them are bound to come with us when we move. Typically, we have closets stuffed with trousers, suits, dresses, jackets and coats. Drawers filled with t-shirts, socks, underwear and other such garments. Packing up clothes is no easy undertaking, but, by following our simple tips you’ll be able to transport your fabulous wardrobe no matter where you’re going! Do you need a reliable moving company in NYC? Well look no further than Movers 101!

Start with the Ultimate Clear Out

Flares you haven’t worn since the 70s? Club wear from bygone times? Sequins, sashes, ghastly ties? Knackered shoes, tangled belts and forgotten accessories? Time to get organized! We suggest that you make three piles. One for goodwill, to pass on to friends/relatives or sell, one for the recycling station and the other for your key pieces that you’ll take with you. We know this will be a trying task for self confessed fashionistas, but see your relocation as an opportunity to create a fresh start and make space for new items of clothing! Moreover, everyone needs to purge, you know you can’t always take absolutely everything with you, so, it’s a chance to focus on what you really need.

Be Nice and Clean

Although laundry is a regular chore, make sure that everything you plan on bringing along is washed, dried and ironed so that you have all your clothes ready to wear once you arrive. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t just scrunch everything into a ball and hope for the best. The last thing you want is to deal with crinkled clothes once you arrive at your new place!

Coordinate your Collections

Think about your new bedroom and the furniture you’ll have there. Perhaps, you’ll have to rearrange a little bit. Consider how much wardrobe space you’ll have, whether you’ll have chest of drawers, if you need to purchase some kind of standalone containers, coat rack or rail. Once you know what space you have to work with, you can then section everything off. For example, trousers, suits/long dresses and jackets in the cupboard. Socks and underwear in containers and all other garments to be folded up and placed in drawers. This will then facilitate your packing plans.

Consider Smart Packing Options

Did you know that wardrobe boxes exist? Forget yanking clothes off hangers, with clips snapping and flying about! Simply transfer them onto a fitted rail within the transport box. Not only is this much more straightforward, it will also keep your clothes protected and crease free. However, if things seem like they are a bit to much you’ll need some assistance! If you are looking for help and need a New York to Florida mover or require our services for a short or long distance move, get a free estimate here.

Then box and bag everything else, dedicate some time to the planning process so you can optimize your packing. You want to take up as little space possible without damaging your garments. Suitcases could be a great option, cardboard boxes from the grocery store, vacuum bags or packing cubes and also, good old sturdy binbags. Consider what will crease easily and remember that socks, belts and other such accessories will be more than fine bagged up.

All in all, see this as exciting venture to really look through all your clothes, invite friends over to laugh over old pieces and have a final strut in them to indulge in some nostalgia. But, then, be ruthless so that you can go head on into your new relocation. If you’re still overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Movers101, we’ll happily advise you as best we can with all your clothing questions.

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