How to Pack Up Your Kitchen Before Your Move

If you want to cook up the perfect transportation of all your kitchen appliances, it’s necessary to take care with your packing or hire a professional moving company in NYC to do it for you . There’s a plethora of belongings to box up and the last thing you want is for breakables to boil over and spill out during transit. So, if you want to withstand the heat and successfully disassemble your kitchen gear, check out the steps in this post.

Think About Your New Space

Let the layout of your future kitchen inform you on what to bring. After all, it may be that you won’t have as much cupboard space, so maybe a dinner set or two will have to go. Or perhaps, it will be the opposite and you can finally dig out those Le Creuset pots to bring with.

Whether you’re a keen cook or a disaster in the kitchen, you will still no doubt have a lot of culinary paraphernalia to organize. From blenders and kettles, to fancy flutes and cutlery, there’s many different items to work through. Decide on what you really need and bear in mind where it will go once it arrives. This will also help you to arrange what can go together.

When it comes to optimizing kitchen space, consulting with countertop and cabinet experts can be invaluable. These professionals offer insights into the latest trends and innovative storage solutions tailored to your specific needs. For instance, they might recommend installing Quality Quartz Countertops in Long Island, NY, known for their durability and aesthetic appeal, which can serve as both a functional workspace and an elegant centerpiece in the kitchen. Additionally, cabinet experts can provide guidance on maximizing storage efficiency by incorporating features such as pull-out shelves, lazy Susans, and custom dividers.

Throw out or recycle broken things and sell or giveaway bits and pieces that you no longer use but that are still in good nick.

Make sure you clean, rinse or dust what you plan on taking with you so that you can have a spick and span kitchen in your new home.

If you can’t afford to move your kitchen due to the lack of space, consider using a storage service company in New York to hold your assets for a period of time. 

Dig Out Old Appliance Boxes

This is best case scenario. Of course, typically, we get rid of packaging but if you’ve got any tucked away definitely make use of them! After all, they were designed especially for that particular gadget.

Gather the Correct Packing Gear

Firstly, consider dishware, pots, pans, fruit bowls, trays, chopping boards, appliances without original boxes and other such items:

  • Choose an adequately sized box
  • Use bubble wrap, packing paper or dish towels to protect delicate items
  • Make cardboard cut outs for added cushioning
  • Test out the box to make sure nothing slips, slides or rattles about
  • Use lots of thick duck tape to secure the flaps
  • Label the box appropriately
  • Write ‘FRAGILE’ in big bold letters for anything containing any glass, pottery or any other material that is prone to damage

Secondly, tackle glasses, mugs and stemware:

  • If possible buy speciality cell boxes with inserters and dividers from your packing company or a hardware store, for optimal protection
  • Otherwise, wrap each glass with care in bubble wrap with crinkled paper inside
  • Make sure no glassware is touching
  • Remember to write ‘FRAGILE’ in big bold letters for these boxes

Thirdly, don’t forget about silverware:

  • Separate knives, forks, spoons, tea spoons and then, other utensils (wooden spoons, spatulas, rolling pins etc)
  • Either secure them with rubber bands and bag them or find containers that will fit them
  • For sharp knives if you don’t have the original packaging or any covers, wrap them individually, secure with rubber bands and lie them flat (never upwards!!)

Food for Thought

Perishables won’t be able to come with you. Do not expect packing companies to bring along your weekly grocery shop. Throw them out or host a final dinner party!

However, dried goods, herbs or spices are more than fine to pack up. Put them in containers or maybe even treat yourself to a rack to store them in! It’s all the rage now to recycle jars, tupperware and other such containers to store pasta, spaghetti and rice. Plus, it’s a great way to ensure functionality, practicality, organization and style in your new kitchen.

If you have any concerns about packing up your kitchenware, we’re on hand to help. Contact Movers101 or get a free estimate here and be cooking with gas when it comes to your move!

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