How to maximize space in your NYC apartment

Moving to a smaller apartment can be challenging. But, at the same time, it can be positive and it can make your life easier. You can easily maximize space in your NYC apartment to suit all of your needs. With some easy tips and tricks, you can make your NYC apartment much more spacious. One of the parts in NYC that is becoming very popular is Caroll Gardens, so if you are moving there make sure to find reliable and trustworthy Carroll Gardens movers that will help you with the relocation. 

What is the first step to successfully maximize space in your NYC apartment?

One of the first things that you can do to make your NYC apartment better is to digitalize your documents. If you are downsizing your home, you probably noticed that you have a lot of papers. During the years, you gather a lot of different documents, papers. There are a lot of different options to upload and save your documents. Keep in mind that not only you will maximize space in your NYC apartment you will also help in reducing massive deforestation. A lot of companies are becoming paperless and you can try to do the same!

woman on a bed with lap top planning to maximize space in your NYC apartment
By digitalizing your documents you will save a lot of space

Declutter your home

One of the steps that you should do is to declutter your whole home. You should go through your belongings before you move to Caroll Gardens since you will save space and money on relocation. You can go through your home, room by room, and get rid of unnecessary items. With fewer belongings – you will have a more spacious apartment in NYC. Also, your moving costs will be much lower since you will have fewer items to relocate.

Consider storage to maximize space in your NYC apartment

One of the options to consider is to look for storage Brooklyn and place some of your belongings into a storage unit. If you have a small apartment in NYC and you simply do not have enough space for everything – this is a great solution. There are different options and you can choose one that suits all of your needs. You should make sure to get the storage unit that is the right size. Also, you can get a storage unit that is climate-controlled if you have some sensitive items. Explore all of your options and make sure to get a storage unit that can suit all of your needs.

There are a lot of options and DIY ideas to optimize space in your NYC apartment

When it comes to optimizing the space in your NYC apartment you can find a lot of ideas online. There are a lot of different DIY projects that you can do and make your place spacious. You can explore them and find the ones that apply to your place and your budget. Also, you can adjust your furniture, storage options in your home and you can add some practical things like smart technology.

paper with plans
You can try a lot of different DIY projects

Create hidden storage spaces

One of the best options to maximize space in your place is to create hidden storage spaces. You can use some of your moving supplies and create great and pretty boxes that you can place around your home. You can hide them under windows, or in your closets. And the best thing is that with very little money you can decorate them. You can paint them, add stickers. If you are planning a relocation consider using plastic bins since they can be reused, and they can save your items for a longer time.

Collapsable furniture is a great way to add more space to your NYC apartment

Collapsable furniture is a great option to save space in places like NYC. As you know, apartments in NYC are usually small and in general, the whole of NYC is crowded. So, before you search for New York movers and hire them, check all of your furniture. Take into consideration how it will fit into your new apartment. It is much better to invest in new furniture than to have an apartment that is cramped. You can find different options when it comes to collapsable furniture – starting with chairs, tables, and even beds. A bed that you can fold is always a great idea!

Hang things on your walls

When it comes to organizing small apartments, you need to be creative. And you need to think outside of the box. One of the great ways to optimize your space is to hang items on walls. Be creative and try different things. You can hang your bike for example. And if you add a little bit of decoration – it can look nice as well.

bicycle in the room
You can hang your bike on a wall and save space

Add shelves

Shelves can make your apartment nicer, and also they can save you a lot of space. You can add floating shelves around your apartment. You can place them above your bed, table – wherever you see it fit. Again, you need to think outside of the box and be creative. And when it comes to organizing them, make sure to use most of them. Don’t waste space on frames and items that will just take space. Make sure to fill them, and decorate them!

Organize your bathroom and kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen are places in our home that are usually filled with different items. They can easily get messy. If you want to organize them you can be creative and get spice racks that you can place on the doors of your kitchen. You can add furniture to your bathroom, and save space. Visit different stores that offer furniture and we can assure you that you will find a lot of different gadgets that you did not know they exist.

Also, painting your new apartment white will make space look bigger. And with good contrast, we can assure you that the optical illusion will be great. Your small apartment will look bigger, and it will feel comfortable and warm!

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