How to Protect your Floors when moving Furniture out of your House

Moving home can be a stressful experience at the best of times. But damage to the floors, whether at your old or new house, can add to that stress and prove expensive if you have to pay for repairs or replacement. So, it’s best to take precautions to ensure no damage occurs.

1. Pack Properly

To avoid items falling on the floor, pack them carefully in heavy duty cardboard boxes that won’t split open. Double tape all the bottom seams for extra protection.

2. Use Floor Coverings

Damage can be caused by people bringing in dirt and grit on their shoes and treading it into the floor. It will be even worse if there’s rain or snow about because you may also get water damage as well as slips and falls.

Put down rugs or mats at the entrances so people can wipe their feet before they come in. Also lay more rugs, old blankets or thick cardboard sheets in high traffic areas for extra protection. Disposable shoe covers that are not expensive can also be worn by people when in the house to avoid dirt being brought in.

3. Lift when Possible

Although it may be easiest to push items around, this can cause scratches on wooden floors. Where possible, therefore, always carry items to minimize damage. Ensure, however, that you have enough people to handle the weight because dropping a heavy item can cause severe damage.

4. Slide Protection

For items that are too heavy to lift, sliding may be the only way. If you have to do this and the furniture is on wheels, make sure they’re free of grit and are rubber or some other material that won’t cause damage.

For other types of furniture, put pads or sliders under each leg or corner so the item will slide easily. Proper moving blankets can also be used or, failing that, any old blankets that are clean and will slide easily. Alternatively, use an appliance dolly that has clean, rubber wheels providing you can get the item on without damage (to you or the item).

5. Measure and Prepare

One of the best ways to avoid damage is to know in advance what you can and can’t do. Make sure large items will go through doors and along corridors, planning the best and easiest route. If an item of furniture won’t fit in your new home, it’s an unnecessary risk and effort taking it with you.

6. Get Professional Help

Moving home can be stressful and it’s even worse if you’re trying to do it yourself. Using a professional NYC moving company such as Movers 101 will avoid a lot of problems and potential damage to your property.

We have all the necessary equipment to be able to move all your furniture and other belongings safely and efficiently. Above all, we have the knowledge and experience gained from hundreds of successful moves, so you’ll know we’ll do everything properly.

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