Keeping Your Costs Down When Moving from NYC across the Country

Life takes us on many incredible and exciting adventures. It’s amazing to think that with the prospect of a cross country move comes the opportunity to see new places, explore different cities, meet all kinds of people or even land our dream careers. Nevertheless, it is vital to be frugal and move smart so that you have surplus funds to start this next big chapter. Therefore, we’ll suggest some ways in which you can reduce costs with your move in this post.

Lessen Your Load

Moving companies often charge you based on the weight of your items or how much space they take up. Regardless of how they conduct their fees, it is absolutely worth you going through all your things. Be ruthless!! Only take what you truly need. Anything that you haven’t used in a while or forgotten about can be sold. So, not only will you be saving money, but also earning some to spend on your new home or discovering the city.

Be Prepared

Trying to arrange services at the last minute will mean that you’ll incur larger costs. Also, if you just blindly select companies on any old day you could be missing out on discounts. So, first of all, select a date for your move and perhaps consider going out of season for cheaper prices. Book with plenty of time as it will mean you’ll spend less and feel calmer. Shop around and see what quotes are available.

Weigh Up the Price with the Service

Don’t just select the least expensive option. You must consider your personal situation and go with the NYC moving company that will best fulfil your needs. The last thing you’ll want to pay for is a breakage or having to buy certain items that you desperately need because they didn’t arrive on time.

Share Space

Sharing a van with others is a fantastic way to save money. If you know that others in your neighborhood are moving to the same destination as you this is an excellent opportunity to split the space and even out costs in an easy way. Even if you aren’t heading in the same direction, if you’re happy to wait for your items it’s a great chance to get costs down.

Brave it Alone

If you feel like you have the time and are happy to drive long distances, then renting a van and doing it yourself could be an awesome trip. It also means that you’d be in charge of all the costs and could monitor what you spend.

Look out for Spare Boxes/ Containers

Instead of having to purchase suitcases, larger plastic containers or other such packing gear, head down to the grocery store, marketplace or bar. They often have loads of boxes lying around that they’ll just be tossing into the recycling! See if any friends or family members who have just moved have any old luggage or boxes for you to use too.

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