Insured movers NYC – how to find the best?

Moving cross country, as opposed to relocating within your present city or state, is definitely a more challenging sort of residential moving. The distance between the two houses will make the project next to impossible for DIY movers. So when you want to conduct a successful relocation, don’t ask your inexperienced friends. They are not insurance enough that your move will go without a hurdle. But if you hire the best movers NYC, you will have insured movers NYC and we will be there to help you find the perfect solutions for your upcoming move. To help you out with finding those premium solutions, we’re going to tell you what are the advantages of hiring our reliable services. Let’s see why our experienced moving team consists of experts who are the best at what they do!

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Avoid damage to your possessions in transit by hiring the experts!

What do you get from hiring insured movers NYC?

If you’ve come to the decision to spare yourself and your friends the hassle of heavy lifting and hire professional movers, you’ve made the most efficient choice. Assuming that you’ve taken our good advice and searched and researched moving reviews, you will easily find reputable movers. If you were wise enough to ensure reliable assistance by your side, you will be able to relax a bit knowing that your items are in good hands. And will have the convenient option of premium storage NYC services. But more importantly, in case anything at all goes wrong on moving day, insured movers NYC can offer you adequate compensation. Here’s what you can expect from professionals.

Types of moving insurance

Make sure to go for the type of coverage that fits your budget and overall value of your goods. For that reason, most movers offer two specific kinds of insurance.

  1. Some of these companies offer basic coverage that is calculated on the basis of the weight of the shipment. In case of damage or loss, the company’s basic liability would be $0.60 per pound. Which will not make any sense at all in case you are moving items with both monetary and sentimental value. When you need to move antiques, collectibles or paintings we advise you to involve expert fine art movers NYC. Don’t be afraid of hiring our locally insured movers NYC because our ultimate goal is customers’ satisfaction.
  2. The second option you can consider is full value protection or full replacement value protection. This option offers extensive insurance coverage, but it also comes at a premium price. Getting this offer means that your moving company is responsible for paying for either the current market value, replacement with a similar item or repair of the item. You also need to thoroughly research if there are certain limitations of your movers’ liability. You need to get all the details in advance.
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To ensure you complete all the obligations and little projects on time and mishap-free, you need as much information as you can find.

How to spot dishonest movers:

If you have absolutely no moving experience, researching moving companies could be a complicated task. Beware, there a lot of fraudulent movers scamming people out there. Which doesn’t seem to make the situation any easier? According to the latest surveys, now it’s easier than ever to become a victim of fraudulent movers. Especially in large, urban areas. If you don’t do your research, chances are that you will come across some of them. In that case, you are seriously running a risk of being scammed by dishonest people. Even if you haven’t moved before, you can still do fine. Just read on and learn the most common warning signs of rogue movers:

  • Extremely low pricing
  • Large upfront cash deposit
  • All-encompassing moving insurance
  • Verbal agreement and quote
  • No insurance or license
  • Negative moving reviews

Is an offer too-good-to-be-true?

Too-good-to-be-true offers, discounts, and online estimates are one of the most deceiving tricks scammers are using to entice people. In most cases, such suspicious quotes can lead to additional charges and all sorts of inconveniences. There were cases of these movers holding items hostage until clients paid the requested amount or just run away with your valuables.
Considering all possible hurdles that can happen with moving companies, setting aside some extra cash doesn’t seem so bad now, does it? If you can rely on quality moving services, then it is well worth it. Finding the company with reasonable pricing and picking the kind of moving insurance that suits your pocket is definitely a good way to go.

Which moving insurance option will work best for me?

After you have listed everything you own, you will have a more clear idea of an approximate value of your items. If you are the proud owner of some valuable artwork or exquisite furniture, you should consider getting full value protection. Note that even full value protection won’t automatically cover items of extraordinary value.

In case you have to conduct this move on a tight budget, released value protection may still seem like a reasonable option. Your decision should be based both on your budget and how much you merit your household goods. If you finally decide you want to go with fully insured movers NYC, chances of running into scammers will be minimized.

You can rely on Movers 101 to always have competitive prices!

Insured movers NYC is just a phone call away!

We know that any moving experience can be very overwhelming. It also sometimes gets too expensive for most families or business owners. To ensure you complete all the tasks on time and mishap-free, you need as much information as you can find. That is why we at Movers 101 always try to offer the most attractive prices to our customers. Contact us and see for yourself why we have been rated as one of the most reputable and reliable insured movers NYC.

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