Moving House? Do the Research Before You Make the Call

For many of us moving home is a rite of passage. The beginning of the next stage in our lives. It’s a sign of all our years of hard work paying off and the commencement of incredible journeys like starting a family. So, when embarking on the exciting exploit it’s crucial that we do it right! After all, you’re uprooting your life, so, you most definitely don’t want to botch this very important job. We’re going to explain how you can carry out some fruitful research so that you feel confident and look forward to your move.

Company vs DIY

Whether you choose to sort out everything between yourselves or hire out professional help, be sure to weigh up time commitments, expenses and feasibility. If you’re moving a few blocks, your friend’s van may work out great. Nonetheless, heading across the state or country will of course have more demanding requirements. Weigh up all the pros and cons. For example, a moving company could cost slightly more but will save you a lot of time, energy and stress.

Planning and Preparation

Having made your decision on the above, you’ll need to set a budget. What about the time of year you plan on moving? These factors will affect moving company prices. Then, consider all your options, of course, it’s brilliant if you can throw out some things or even sell them. However, don’t feel like you have to part with precious belongings! It could be well worth looking into storage solutions so that you can organize possessions once you’re more settled. Once you’ve decided about storage options, you need to make inventories of what you will be bringing with you. Are you merely packing up clothes, books and other such paraphernalia? Or do you plan on taking a fair amount of furniture or other such large, bulky items?

So, why not follow some of these tips?…

  • Make a finance spreadsheet to keep track of costs.
  • Make organized lists of what you plan on transporting, you can then present this to a moving company so that they can calculate costs for you.
  • Look into storage units in your new area of residence.
  • Try and think about how you will pack all your items, what containers you’ll need etc.
  • Look into how prices fluctuate throughout the year to work out the best time of departure.

What to Look for in a Moving Company

So, you’ve decided to go with a moving company and now have a clear idea about what needs to be packed and how. You know when you’ll be leaving and have plenty of time to make arrangements. Your budget is sorted, and you have a bag of clothes ready to sell and another bag filled with an array of antiques ready to be left in storage for the next generation.

When shopping around for the right moving company for you…

  • Be aware of sketchiness; if that offer is too good to be true there’s probably some nasty hidden costs embedded in their fine print. Select a business that is open and transparent from the get-go.
  • Find out: Are they insured and licensed? Credentials are everything when it comes to your personal and priceless possessions.
  • Ask whether they will tailor their service to suit your needs. Don’t go for a one size fits all when you can have a company that will go the extra mile for you!
  • Make sure of the following. Are they reliable? Punctual? Highly recommended? Remember, this is a huge venture and major life moment, choose wisely and feel comfortable around the team that will undertake the move for you.

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