Moving in Your Town vs Moving Across the Country

Moving across the country is of course a much larger undertaking than changing neighborhoods. However, both entail fundamental planning stages in order to make your move stress free. There are many procedures that will be appropriate in the case of both a nearby or far away move but of course, other things may need to be tweaked and adapted to your particular destination. Below, we’ll delve into how to have the best transition no matter the distance.

Calculate Costs

Moving home is an all mighty process with lots of expenditures to balance and consider. If you plan on doing it alone, set aside funds for transport, storage and insurance. Nonetheless, if you’re in a position where you can afford to hire professionals, this could be one way to eradicate a lot of stress and pressure. Of course, if you’re not going too far it could be more cost effective to do it yourself but over a longer stretch, a package deal of services will no doubt save you a lot of money. A professional NYC moving company, for example, will not only do a stellar job, but also save you a great deal of time and energy too. So, do be sure to weigh up all costs.

Work Out Dates and Times

If you’re moving cross country, you’ll obviously have to arrange adequate travel plans. Firstly, factor this into your budget and secondly, make sure your dates align. If for whatever reason they don’t, be sure to sort out some accommodation. Perhaps, you’ll need to keep your belongings in storage until your new place is ready. Be prepared for all scenarios! The same applies to moving across town, just because you’re in the area you need to follow certain dates. So, it’s well worth sourcing out a reliable local storage area and checking that a relative or friend’s spare room is free, just in case of emergencies.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

In both situations, you may be lucky enough to have friends and family there to help you. Take their offerings and let others assist you. If this isn’t the case for you, don’t worry about enlisting professionals. There is a wealth of services that can support you both physically and mentally speaking. It’s perfectly ok to seek out all the help you need.

Make Lists

This sounds rather tedious, but it will be unbelievably useful and it’s up to you how you organize them. You could do lists such as:

  • Room by room inventories
  • Delicate belongings that require extra wrapping
  • Bigger, bulkier items that will need specialist transportation
  • Labels for boxes
  • People/services to contact
  • Cleaning tasks
  • Things to do before you leave
  • Things to throw out/sell/give to charity/ put in storage
  • Costs/ budgeting
  • Renovations to do in the new place

Explore Your New Surroundings

Those who are relocating across town may have the upper hand here, having prior knowledge of their area. However, it would be wrong to assume that everyone who moves across the country is going somewhere completely unknown. No matter your familiarity with your new residence, it’s important to see what’s nearby in terms of supermarkets, schools, gyms, doctors and other such utilities and facilities. Say hello to your new neighbors and embrace that feeling of being elsewhere whether it’s the other side of the bridge or thousands of miles away!

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