Why you should pick Local Movers in New York for your Next Move

Moving to a new home is a big deal for most people because it requires that all their possessions are moved safely and efficiently from one place to another. Some people hire a truck and rely on friends and relatives to help them make the move. Although that might seem the cheaper option, it can prove expensive if things go wrong.

Using a professional moving company is the best way since its employees will be familiar with the moving process. However, not all companies are equal in the quality of service they offer so you need to choose wisely.

The Benefits of Using a Local Company

Many people will use a large, national company because it’s a name they recognize. That might be the only option if you’re moving a long distance but, if moving within New York or the local area, a local moving company is often the best choice. The main reasons for this are:

  • Reviews, referrals and recommendations for local companies are more reliable. That’s because they always refer to the specific operation for a local company whereas, for a national company, they may be about another branch that doesn’t provide the same level of service. National companies may also be represented by franchisees that will have to follow franchise guidelines, but may not all provide the high quality of service that reviewers describe. With a local company, however, you know exactly what you’re getting.

  • Local companies have local knowledge. They know the best routes, the low bridges and narrow entries where their trucks can’t go. They know local regulations, the one-way system, where parking is restricted and where there are hold-ups due to road works. As a result, they’re more likely to avoid delays and get the job done quicker.

  • Local companies give a more personal service because they work in the area, know the people and have locally-based employees.

  • Local companies tend to be more flexible and are often cheaper. National companies generally have set hourly rates and standard charges whereas local companies will be more likely to look at each job individually and use their local knowledge to set a fair price. They’re also willing to take on small jobs and short distance moves that national companies aren’t interested in.

Choosing the Best Local Company

Although local companies are often the best choice, you need to select the one that’s best for you. Recommendations from people who’ve used them will help, as will good reviews. A well-established company with a good track record is a good sign and indicates the company is not a rogue organization.

Make sure the company has the necessary licenses and insurances and has the correct size of truck for your move as well as the right equipment and experienced staff. Whatever you’re quoted for the job, make sure it’s realistic and you won’t be hit with extra charges once the job’s finished.

At Movers 101, we can handle all sizes of jobs to all parts of the New York area. We’re experienced, knowledgeable and totally honest. So, there will be no nasty surprises, just a smooth and efficient move at the right price.

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