The Best Places to Live in California

So, the decision is there! You are moving to California! You want to live in the Sunshine State and you want to relocate there as soon as possible. But, the list of possible cities you could move to is long! How to choose among so many best places to live in California? What place can have that very important title – the best? Is it LA? Or San Diego? What is your choice? Leaving NYC is a big decision and it is normal that you want to move somewhere where you will feel happy and welcomed. So, how to choose? What are the criteria for the best place to live in California?

Los Angeles – one of the best places to live in California

Naturally, everyone’s first choice is LA. Moving from NYC to LA might seem complicated, but with the right help from a proper moving company, it will be very easy! LA is a city for dreamers, it offers something for everyone. Here you will find the Hollywood Walk of Fame to different production studios. It is the center of the United States’ film and entertainment industry. What makes it perfect and got it on our list is the fact that it has a lot of amenities, sunny weather. The median price in LA is around $800.000 and it is a home for more than 4 million people. It is the perfect place for those who enjoy being outdoors, cosmopolitan vibe and great restaurants with even better food.

Los Angelles as one of the best places to live in California
LA is one of the best cities to live in

Irvine – booming job market

This rather unique city is located in Orange County. Irvine is known for its booming job market, so if you are moving in search of a better job – this is the place for you. Also, the weather here is great, the atmosphere is family-friendly and you will enjoy your time here. It has a very stable housing market, and a median price for a home is around $950.000. You should know that this is the third happiest place to live in the United States.

Fremont – popular place in San Francisco Bay

When you are looking for NY to California movers – a lot of them will tell you that Fremont is rather a popular place to relocate to. It is one of the best places to live in California for a reason. It is the number one happiest place to live in the United States. Also, it has a really low crime rate, a stable housing market, and great, sunny weather. So, it is a rather nice and happy place to live in and a lot of people choose to move here. 

girl on a beach
Fremont is the number one happiest place in the US

San Diego – one of the best places to live in California

When you think about San Diego – you will think about its warm climate and great beaches for surfing. So, if you are into water sports – this is the place for you. You have a lot of options for outdoor activities. It has a rather big and healthy job market and the people who live here are very happy. So, don’t waste any time and contact your moving company Movers 101 NYC and schedule your relocation today!

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