Put Your Best Foot Forward When Packing Shoes For Moving

Put Your Best Foot Forward When Packing Shoes For Moving

Shoes- for some of us they’re a functional feature, for others they’re a passion. No matter what your outlook, make sure that these vital items arrive safely at their new destination. You don’t have to spend a lot on packing either, even on a shoestring budget you can secure the best transportation for your footwear. In this post, we’ll explore some quick and simple ways you can pack up your shoes when moving homes or before handing them to a moving company in NYC.

Go Through Them and Get Them Squeaky Clean and Shining!

Firstly, as with all of your possessions, it’s crucial to have a look at all the shoes you own. For each pair think:

Do I still wear them often?

If not, and they’re battered, see about recycling them. Although, do keep one old pair for DIY tasks, gardening etc. If not, but they’re still in fairly good condition, sell them or give them away or use a moving and storage company in NYC to hoard them for the rest of your life!

Do they need cleaning/polishing/some TLC?

Schedule in some time to machine wash smelly sneakers, relace brogues and take boots down to the cobbler to be reheeled or fixed if necessary. After all, you’re moving to start anew so all your belongings deserve to be in tip top shape. Moreover, you don’t want dirty pairs spoiling clean ones or slightly faulty ones to become completely broken in transit!


Even if you’re not an avid shoe shopper you’ll still own all kinds for different occasions. There’s work shoes, sport shoes, fancy shoes and boots for example. Then, take time to organize each pair in each category. For example, soccer boots may need more attention than sneakers. Slip-ons less than brogues/loafers. Heels will require different treatment to flats. There’s low boots, tall boots, Doc Martins, biker style etc that will all range in chunkiness, height, material etc.

Select Appropriate Packing Supplies

Once you have your shoes sorted based on function and their particular styles, you can then select the best packing method for each of them. Some you can merely tie together and wrap in paper. Others you’ll want to wrap within their own box. Then, for tall boots or shoes of a particular shape, you may want to stuff them or insert some kind of shoe horn (or even a pool noodle!) so that they don’t get squashed during the journey. You could also take the season into consideration. If it’s summertime, you may want flip flops and sandals in an easy to find bag, where as heavy boots and wellies can be boxed up ready to store away in your new abode.

Keep Your Favourites on You

Don’t let your work attire or trusty weekend converse get lost in the fray! Drawstring or sports bags with your shoes all cosily wrapped up inside or of course, shoeboxes can easily come with you in the car. That way you can have your essentials with you for those first few days of madness. Be sure to whip out that scruffy pair (as mentioned above) for all unpacking/renovation activities.

Don’t be kicking yourself because you were sloppy with shoe packing. They are a bare necessity that you really should look after and have stowed adequately so that they withstand transportation. If you’re still unsure, why not reach out to us at Movers101? We know your shoes won’t be your sole’ concern, but we’re always happy to help, every step of the way.

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