What You Must Do Before Moving Out of a Rental Property in NYC

Moving out of a rental property in bustling NYC is no small undertaking. You’ll be a mixed bag of emotions, stressed in a flurry of packing, anticipating the next chapter of your life and excited for the new adventure. Make sure that you’re ready to kickstart your venture by leaving on good terms and so that you can get your security deposit back. Moving is not easy task, however you can simplify the process when hiring a moving company in New York.

1. Make a To Do List

Moving isn’t always like in the movies where you simply put your things in boxes and drive off into the sunset. It isn’t a Hollywood set, it’s your landlord’s legal property. You’re bound to a contract that you signed when you first moved in. Therefore, it’s vital that you read through the terms carefully. Then, make a list of tasks based off the requirements that are stipulated in the contract before your departure.

You’ll need to consider the following when moving from a commercial or residential space, alternatively hire a local or office moving company in NYC to make your life easier!

Example lists you could make:

  • Belongings to pack, giveaway, sell, recycle and throw out
  • Cleaning tasks you can do
  • Cleaning tasks a professional can do
  • Equipment to hire that will help you with certain cleaning tasks

Add dates for all these chores for extra organizational power. Also, make sure you give yourself ample time to complete them.

2. Account for Damage

Refill holes from decorations, give the walls, sideboards and window ledges a lick of paint. Scrub down the tiles, remove any stains, check the plumbing and change the lightbulbs. Don’t let these little things let you down. If you have everything in order, there’s no way your landlord can refute you.

3. Pay Attention to the Details

Give your landlord enough warning, check the contract and if you can’t find out there, ask them directly in writing. Do everything IN WRITING. Be careful not to make any major plans before your lease is due to end as you may have to continue paying rent. Take pictures of receipts and invoices of specific tasks so you have all the evidence and so that nothing can be used against you. In the state of NY, it’s also completely above board for you to be present at the inspection so that no dodgy dealings take place.

4. Finalize Utility Bills

Make sure you have everything paid off as that’s your responsibility as a tenant. The last thing you want is to think you’ve got everything in check financially, only to receive another bill. Ring up the company and see if you can pay ahead worse case!

5. Add Some Finishing Touches

Perhaps you’ve been very fortunate to have a lovely landlord who went above Escort Mitte and beyond for you. Or maybe, you didn’t see eye to eye at all. No matter what your relationship, see this as an opportunity to thank or make it up to them. Write a nice letter, buy them a big bunch of flowers or simply go that extra mile to ensure the place looks as best as it can. They’ll appreciate it and it will mean that you can leave on a real high note.

Overall, don’t take any risks, you want to head to your next place in good spirits and knowing that you were a respectful tenant. If you have any doubts about any NYC laws, clue yourself up before making any rash decisions!

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