Changing your address in Brooklyn – a quick tutorial

Changing your address in Brooklyn. What does that really mean? Well, from the more literal side, we take that this is a topic about people moving into Brooklyn. All of our advice will reside on the premise that you hired some Brooklyn movers and have moved into this borough or NYC for the first time. This is just to clear any possible confusion.

With that out of the way, let us address the matter – what does it mean to change your address to this borough? To move to Brooklyn, or to NYC for that matter? Well, the first point we are going to make might be a little bit disappointing, but it has to be said.

Changing your address in Brooklyn – not like the movies

NYC movers have a pretty important job. They are there to relocate thousands upon thousands of new people into this great city, and to relocate those who are already there to different addresses. And they do have a big job because a lot of people are doing it. NYC is a bustling metropolis, and now more than ever there is a great influx of people into the Brooklyn borough. But, with every new soul that enters this city, a lesson has to be learned. It is simply not the same as on the screens.

Changing your address in Brooklyn can give you a better view of its skyline
It is not all like in the movies.

Be it that you watched the New York City lifestyle from small screens or the big ones, there are a lot of things that are romanticized or mystified about New York. Don’t get us wrong, a lot of it is true, but is emphasized in order to make you feel like NYC has this inner universe.

And we want to say, loud and clear, changing your address in Brooklyn will be a strange experience. And you will notice a lot of similarities with the media portrayal of the city. However, soon it will dawn on you. For all of its beautiful, familiar scenery. For all of its vibrant culture and jaw-dropping architecture – it is still just a city.

You can get easily disappointed. But there is no need for that. Once you get through that phase, you will start seeing New York for what it really is. You will see things that tv screens simply do not show. Places and people that truly make New York something else. 

Know the city you are moving into

Now, let’s cover some facts.

New York is a massive city. It consists of 5 boroughs. Those are Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens and, last but certainly not least, Manhattan. These are the best way to look at the city. Every one of the boroughs has its own spirit, the vibe you could say, but also architecture, cuisine, communities, and possibly most importantly, economies.

And the economy is pretty important when we talk about New York City. After all, one stereotype holds true indeed – it is a city that never sleeps. People that live and work in New York City are extremely productive. This is not because they are born or raised to be different, but because of the pressure of the NYC lifestyle. In this chaotic concrete jungle, you have to fight through heavy competition. However, when you win, you do win big. This is why they say that if you make it in New York, you will make it anywhere!

Rent is more expensive – everything is

First thing you will notice when, for example, moving to North Carolina from New York, is just how expensive the city is. You want the biggest media lie about New York? Look at Friends and their ability to have a Manhattan apartment that size at affordable prices.

New York is a very expensive city to do pretty much anything in!

Furthermore, you will most likely work in Manhattan, no matter if you live in Brooklyn. Therefore, expect a commute! It might not cost much money, but it will take its toll in time!

Pick some good movers when changing your address in Brooklyn

They say that the journey of the thousand miles begins with a first step. And it is of course quite true. However, we would add that the journey also starts a little bit before that step. It begins when you decide where to go. There is another quote that comes to mind here: No wind is favorable when you don’t know what port you want to go to.

Now, we would say that you already picked were to set sail to. New York, it is… but what will be our vessel? What ship will get you over the rough seas? Here, good movers are key. How to pick good people for your residential move NYC? What are the characteristics you should look for?

Brooklyn house
Pick good movers to get you to where you need to go!
  • Well reviewed. The world is a big place and our country consists of a quite big chunk of it. And, we move a lot. We are something of a nomad nation, with millions of our citizens relocating each year. This means that there are a lot of moving companies helping a lot of different people, and many of them have the same goal as you: changing your address in Brooklyn. And how does this relate to you? Well, you can have their insight! Just read reviews on a platform like Yelp or Google and find out what movers are consistently highly rated.
  • Good communication. A company that is ready to talk to you is the one truly working for you. Appreciate this!
  • Ability to provide as many services as possible. They should offer as many services as possible, and always through their own capacities.


So, what do we take from all of this? What are the challenges and benefits of changing your address in Brooklyn? Challenges, we would say, are clear. It is expensive. There is a daily commute to your work since you will probably not be employed locally. There is a lot of competition in any job and city life can be stressful. However, the many benefits could outweigh it all. It is only a matter of what you see as a benefit!

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