Finding a proper storage unit in Bay Ridge

Owning a storage unit is a great way to make more space in your home. As well as have a second location where you can keep your important items. It can also be quite useful during relocation. You finally found reliable movers NYC, but your new home is not ready. They can use it to store your items temporarily. But, it’s important to choose a good storage unit in Bay Ridge. And there are many factors that go into selecting a good storage unit. From size to location. As well as many other necessary, and not so necessary things that depend on the type of your items. Here is a guide on how to find the perfect storage unit!

Things to know when choosing a storage unit in Bay Ridge

As we already said, there are many factors that go into the decision for a storage unit in Bay Ridge. Some are more important than others. And some are absolutely necessary. Location, for example, can be quite important. With gas prices rising, it can be quite expensive to have a storage unit far away from your home. Especially if you need to go to it often. But, it all begins with your belongings. What type of items do you plan on storing there? That will be the most determining factor. And once you know that, choosing a good storage unit will be much easier.

choosing a storage unit in Bay Ridge
There are many factors that go into choosing a good storage unit

What is the purpose of your storage unit in Bay Ridge?

The first question you need to answer is why you are renting a storage unit? Will you use it as an added storage for your belongings? Or will it be a place where local movers NYC can temporarily store your belongings during a relocation? There’s a big difference in those two. One is long-term and requires a good location as well as good climate control. While the other is only a temporary solution. And the main factor is accessible by truck. There are many purposes for a storage unit:

  • You can use your storage unit in Bay Ridge as an extra storage space
  • It can be a temporary solution during a move
  • It’s a great way to hold on to your belongings when downsizing
  • A storage unit is great for businesses as well – you can keep your documents and extra equipment there
  • It can be a place to store your collectibles safely
storing furniture
Storage units are great for storing furniture

Renting a storage unit in Bay Ridge short-term

When choosing a storage unit in Bay Ridge for a short-term lease, accessibility is one of the most important factors. And most storage units fit that bill. So, any storage NYC will do. As long as the parking can accommodate a truck. Your movers will probably recommend a storage solution and you should probably go with it. It’s important to check prices though. Since sometimes, finding something on your own can be cheaper. But, it also requires some extra work on your part. So, balance that part well. It’s also useful that it’s located along the way of your relocation route. That way you won’t have to zig-zag all across the city. 

Renting a long-term storage unit in Bay Ridge

On the other hand, when renting storage long-term, you want something more than it to be on your way. And there are many positive and negative factors to consider. It needs to be close by. You need to account for storage maintenance. And you want it to be clean and have good security. As well as many other things. 

location of storage unit in Bay Ridge
Location is important when choosing a storage unit

Location is important when renting a storage unit

One of the first things that you should consider is the location. The storage unit of your choice needs to be close by. Especially if you plan on going back and forth often. So, choose a storage facility that is at most half an hour away from your home. Especially if you plan on moving to Bay Ridge and downsizing. That way, you won’t have to store only items you don’t use often. You will be able to store things like tools, documents or even vehicles there. And it will be easy for you to get to them. 

Choose the size of your storage unit in Bay Ridge carefully

Size is important when it comes to storage units. You don’t want it to be too big or too small. You are looking for that goldilocks zone. That balances size and price perfectly. So, before you commit to renting a storage unit long-term, make sure you know how much space you need. If you get a storage unit that is too big, you’ll end up paying for unused space. But, if it’s too small, even if it is a cheap storage unit, you’ll just be cramming your items in there. And that can easily damage them. Also, make sure to plan for the future. If you think that you’ll need more space in the near future, it might do you good to rent a bigger one now. 

size of storage unit in Bay Ridge
Size of the storage unit is one of the most important factors

Look for easy access to your storage unit

Accessibility is one of the often-overlooked factors when choosing a storage unit in Bay Ridge. You want to be able to get inside your storage unit whenever you want to. So, it might not be a bad idea to look for storage facilities that offer 24/7 access. You also want to access your storage unit however you want to. Even the best Bay Ridge movers can’t work fast if they can’t get their truck close to the storage unit. And it will make both you and them a long time to get your items out of storage if you are moving. So, if you move often, or plan on moving soon, look for a storage unit with truck access. 

Climate-controlled storage unit in Bay Ridge is a plus

Climate-controlled storage units are especially useful if you plan on storing sensitive items in your unit. Items like antique furniture, collectibles and so on. You want the temperature and humidity to stay at near-constant levels throughout the year. And that’s where climate-controlled storage units are beneficial. They can keep your collection from getting ruined. And will help you in preserving even the most sensitive items. Much better than if you would like to keep them in your home.

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