Getting the right insurance coverage for a local move

Moving is often a dangerous and difficult process. You nee a lot of experience to manage and handle it – and even when you are moving with local movers NYC, you might still be at risk of damaging or losing your items. After all, unplanned circumstances can always happen, no matter how amazing the movers are! Still, where using a moving company stands above trying to pull a DIY move is the insurance coverage for a local move. A reliable moving company will offer the best possible insurance for you and your stuff – and all you need to know is how to get the right coverage. In this article, learn all about the process and the importance of good insurance coverage.

Getting the right insurance coverage for a local move is important

There are a lot of arguments over whether you should try to move by yourself or use the right moving company. The main argument falls down to the cost of the move. When trying to move by yourself, it is up to your to first plan out the move, then pack everything up and finally organize the transport of your items. If something were to go awry during this time, it is up to you to pay the costs. This way, if you break an item (or multiple items, which is often the case), you will have to repair or replace them after the move.

broken glass
Damages can happen in any move!

This can only lead to more stress during the moving process, which you do not need. Not only will you have more things to do after you moved, but you will also worry about packing your items and transporting them right, too. And if you are an average person, you will not have enough experience anyway, so mistakes are highly likely.

On the other hand, a professional moving company comes equipped with amazing moving supplies NYC. They will have the professional packing supplies to secure your items and the trucks that will make delivery efficient and safe. What’s more, they have the experience and skills to ensure nothing bad happens. This way, you will not have to worry about a thing – and the chances of something happening to the items are minimal. And still, they also offer great insurance coverage for a local move, in case something does go down. This is why it might seem like they are more expensive at the start. But, when you consider the long run, it pays off more to use professionals than to move by yourself.

What is moving insurance anyway?

Now that you know just how important it is to have insurance, let’s actually talk about what it is. Many people have a vague idea. This is the policy that guarantees you get the money if something goes wrong during the move. But do you know that there are differences in the money you get? Or that different policies cover only some moving mistakes?

The insurance helps you get your money back if something bad happens.

This is important to know before you delve into getting the right insurance coverage for a local move. You need to know what you are insured against, and what is your responsibility. First it the common misconception – there is no moving insurance. What a moving company can offer you, however, is called valuation. It serves the purpose of an insurance policy. With it, the company will give you a compensation in case any damages happen.

However, moving companies are not insurance sellers – they do not have the certification for it. The federal regulation doesn’t govern them when it comes to valuation as it does to other insurance policies. Yet, since valuation functions like insurance, this is what people mean when they talk insurance coverage for a local move.

Learn about different types of insurance coverage for a local move

When you are moving across state lines, then the moving company needs to offer you two kinds of valuation. However, the majority of reliable and professional moving companies will also offer the same deal for local moves too, as well as those that don’t leave the state. Other than these two policies, there is a third party option too that you can look into if you are not satisfied with the prior. Still, it’s important to know the differences so you can pick the policy that will suit you the best.

Released value protection

This is the most basic insurance coverage for a local move that you can get. It is useful because the moving company will not charge you for it. However, you do need to ask for it, as well as agree to the coverage. What it does cover, though, is also minimal – like its cost. Usually, the company will assume the liability at 60 cents per pound per article.

The released value protection sometimes cannot offer too much.

What this means is that you have an item that weighs 50 pounds which got damaged, you will get a $30 compensation. The policy doesn’t care if you paid hundreds of dollars for it! You do not get a repair or replacements. You file a claim and get your money, and then you are done!  This is why looking into the second option is also a must!

Full value protection

Full value protection is a bit more comprehensive than the first option, but it does require you to pay a premium upfront (although a lot of policies to have deductibles). What it means, however, is that your movers are liable for completely replacing the value of the goods they carry – so you will be protected during the move. You say what your goods are worth, per pound, and then they calculate the premium for that.

The majority of the companies will have their own policies as well as the minimum value you need to claim. Some states even have the regulations on their own on these coverages. It is important to look into these – as well as any other third party insurance coverage for a local move. You never know what you can find and how you can personalize and secure your move!

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