How to choose the right size moving boxes

A very important thing to think about in the process of moving is how to choose the moving boxes. They come in different sizes, materials, and colors. The trick is to choose adequate for your belongings. Here are some tips on how to choose the right size moving boxes.

With the right moving company, everything is easier

First, you will have to entertain with making a choice of the right moving company. Let’s think about how you are moving to New York City. The Big Apple. Where you have a traffic rush on every corner of the street. The best way to help yourself is to choose a reliable partner in moving. That would be our movers NYC! We can help you in that way. No matter if you are moving long-distance or local. Answers will get right at you. Help is the wanted the most when it comes to choosing the right size moving boxes.

How to determine right size moving boxes

Depending on what kind of moving that you need, you will find moving boxes. Is it a commercial move, or a residential, or even long-distance, it doesn’t matter because the moving boxes will be there for you. As a responsible company that worries about its clients, we can offer you supplies for moving. The service includes advising for making that choice of the right size moving boxes. The moving boxes come in different shapes, sizes and materials for the best packing of the century. Lamps, chairs, desks, artwork, etc, they all need the right box to be put in. We can give advice to make the right choice. All you need is to choose. What more to wish for?

-graphic drawing of boxes
The moving boxes are very different

Storage the right size moving boxes

The fact is that you are not experienced in moving, even if you do it more than once in your life. Therefore, you will need someone to rely on.  A partner that will be there for you in every moment of the moving.  Another important moment is to find adequate storage for your belongings. Our storage is safe because every storage unit has a camera. They are locked away from “hungry eyes“. Our storage is adjusted to your needs. All you need is to define do you need long-term or short-term storage of your belongings.

You need the right partner in moving

Because you can not know everything about the process of moving nor this is expected from you, the right partner in moving is here! Contact us and get a free estimate. By sending your inqury you will get the most approximate costs of your moving. In the request, you need to note the moving date, from where are you moving and where are you moving to, from which floor, on which floor are you going to, accessibility of the elevator, etc. Of course, you will need to note the additional requests for storage, insurance, trash removal, for choosing the right size moving boxes, etc.

How can we choose the right size moving boxes

You can take a good look at the things that you are planning to move to. If there are heavy, massive things like the big old closet that you got from your grandmother, you will probably need the biggest size. Maybe even two boxes of the biggest size for that closet and join them with tape. The right size of moving boxes is not easy to guess.

For kitchen appliances

When it comes to the kitchen, we all know how big can be handy for chopping, toasting, making coffee, etc. All of these appliances need to be packed in the right size moving boxes. The boxes need to be big enough, but not too big so the appliance can rock in the truck and damage. Also, they can not be small because the appliance will peak out of the box and you will risk to damage it too. You don’t want that.

-coffee maker
For kitchen appliances choose wisely

The right size moving boxes for clothes

How to pack your clothes? First, make sure that is clean and dry. Then inspect it for possible moths. Once the clothes get into moving boxes and goes to storage, that’s it. It is almost hermetic closed. When you begin with unpacking you can see that the clothes are eaten by them. The wholes in your favorite shirt will make you angry. You will have to know something. Once that damage occurs it can not be movers’ responsibility. So, take our advice and inspect your clothes for months. Well, you are not right if you think the medium size will be the right size moving boxes for your clothes. You can pack your clothes in the label it.

-choose the right moving boxes
Take care of your clothes-choose the right moving boxes


The artwork is something that can be financial or emotional value for you. Everybody in the chain of moving should know that from the beginning. The right size moving boxes for them can be specially made, according to their size and shape. On the boxes, it should be written ‘FRAGILE’. So, make sure that the artwork is fully prepared for moving. When someone labels and marks the boxes in that way, movers can not behave differently than that. They will be aware of that and pay special attention to artwork and valuable things.

Children’s toys

Well, we finally came to packing things that are valuable. But only to children. For them, the toys have special value. Because they love them so much, you should think about the right size moving boxes for them. We can advise you to choose small boxes for the toys. Why is that so? That is because all of them are small and medium-size. But, if they are large, they can reassemble it so they are small again. Of course, the parts of the toy that you have to reassemble put in one bag and label it so you could know what toy is when you need to assemble it.


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