How to Find a Reliable Moving Company

It’s no secret NYC is great for businesses of practically any kind. You can buy or sell anything around here. That’s why so many people come here in the first place: They’re trying to make their own little idea work. Unfortunately for you, not all of those little ideas are going to be good or executed well. Quality out there is uneven like you wouldn’t believe. If you’ve been in NYC a while, you probably know how that feels. If you choose an amazing pizza place for lunch, you might kick yourself later on for forgetting its name or where exactly it is. But if you choose a terrible pizza place, you are never forgetting it. You have to make sure you can avoid ever going there again, after all.

And sure, that’s just lunch. But when you’re looking for movers, they’re handling your stuff. They’re handling your company’s potentially expensive equipment. They’re transporting your valuables, your antiques, your fragiles, your electronics, and your one-of-a-kinds. You want the movers’ equivalent of a truly awful pizza place handling your belongings? Of course, you don’t. That’s why we’re here to help you choose the right moving company every time.

What are the Signs of the Most Reliable Moving Companies?

How do you tell the quality ones apart from the downright scammers? After all, they’re all telling you they’re different. They’re all saying they’re the best option. That’s white noise; ignore that. A reliable moving company doesn’t need to convince you that hard. You’ll see it in their services and in their reputation.

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Reviews Mean More Here Than Anywhere Else

It seems like a no-brainer to check reviews, but with moving companies, you’re ten times more likely to get usable, actionable information. When people buy small products online and review them afterwards, it’s usually not a big deal either way. Maybe you received a 5-star product, and maybe you got a 1-star piece of junk. Nobody’s losing out too badly in either case. But moving is an extremely stressful experience. People are stressed for weeks before and exhausted for weeks after. Have you ever tried to cheer up a friend in the middle of a bad moving experience?

That’s why the reviews matter more here. If you see a 5-star review on a moving company’s site, that’s come from someone who had a great experience despite all the stress and chaos of the move. That’s someone who took the time and effort to type out a review despite being exhausted. If you see a high number of good reviews, you’re dealing with movers who don’t stress people out. That’s a blessing.

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Reviews are the best way to check the record of a moving company

Look for Varied Services

Usually, the most reliable moving companies offer more services than others. Some only do basic residential moving jobs, while others only do commercial jobs. Some do both, and then some. Both is good, but what you’re looking for is more specialized:

  • Look for moving companies that do long distance. Careless movers can’t usually keep your stuff intact for long distances, and their reviews will reflect that.
  • Look for the companies that can safely move unusual belongings, too. It’s not too difficult to keep a mattress intact during a move; any mover can do that. Not every mover can safely transport a grandfather clock or a piano. If they’re advertising it as a service, they’re not likely to be bluffing, either.
  • Look for movers selling moving supplies like boxes and tape. They’re often a bit more structured, and they’re a bit more likely to offer friendly service.

Look for Interstate Options, Even If You Don’t Need Them

Even if you’re moving 5 minutes away, look for movers who can do interstate jobs if needed. A reliable moving company knows how to store your items safely for an indefinite period of time. They know how to account for fragile objects, or weight shifting during a drive, or bumpy roads. They won’t put your stuff through unnecessary risks.

You’re looking for the most reliable interstate moving companies. The ultimate sign of good transportation is interstate service. There’s no chance a careless company could keep your stuff looking good and safe across the whole country. Most mediocre companies wouldn’t even bother committing to a big job like that in the first place.

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