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Moving is always a good thing, whether you are moving because of an office relocation or you simply need to change something in your life. But it is a big change and a complicated process. Especially if you are moving interstate. And that is never easy. So you will need good guidance on that journey and that is exactly what Movers 101 is here to provide! Things will get easier with our interstate moving checklist. Here, you will find everything you need to know and do to make your upcoming interstate move easier!

Interstate moving: what is all the fuss about?

Okay, everyone knows moving is not quite easy. There are all sorts of preparations to go through, lots of actual hard physical work in the packing and loading stages and the emotional aspect of it hits most people like a brick. But what is the big deal with interstate moving? Why does everyone always talk about it like it’s the hardest thing you’ll do in your life? It’s just another type of moving, right? Well, not quite.

The Interstate iin Utah.
Interstate moving comes with unique challenges.

The problems with distance

Here’s the thing: moving gets progressively harder the larger the distance you’re moving across. The greater the distance, the harder it is to transport your stuff safely, the more expensive it all becomes, the longer it takes and the list goes on and on. Now, interstate moving doesn’t necessarily need to be across large distances, just across state lines. You could be moving from Brooklyn to New Jersey, for example. This is still an interstate move and the distance is not that great. But if you’re anything like most Americans, New Jersey won’t be your first choice because there are more popular states to move to.

For the most part, an interstate move will, therefore, also be a long-distance move. So all these long-distance moving issues, you will most likely face when moving interstate too.

The problems with crossing state lines

Interstate moving is a very specific type of moving that you can’t find almost anywhere else in the world. Let’s say that you’re moving from NYC to Chicago, for example. In the US, this isn’t just a move between two cities or just a long-distance move. It is also a move from one federal state to another. Moving across the same distance in another country may just be a long-distance move within the borders of a single state. On the other hand, moving across that distance could also mean an international move between two countries in Europe for instance. These, of course, pose their own unique problems. But interstate moving does too! And it’s very important that you are aware of these problems and have a plan for how to tackle them.

A map of the US.
It may surprise you just how different states can be.

If you’ve never moved to another state before, you may not realize just how different two states within the US can be. And we’re not just talking geography here. Sure, it’s important to know what the climate and culture are like in your new home state.

Different states have different rules regarding this and learning those rules should be an important part of your interstate moving checklist.

The problems with finding the right movers

When you’re moving to another state, hiring the right movers is incredibly important. You will need to rely on them for so many things! So you absolutely must have the utmost confidence in them. This means finding reliable and trustworthy movers will be an essential part of your interstate moving checklist. But when you’re moving across state lines, you will need to be extra careful in selecting your movers. Not all movers offer interstate moving services. And not all movers should either.

Companies that wish to operate across state lines must register with the FMCSA for those services specifically. If they’re not, they legally cannot move you to another state. So in addition to checking your chosen movers’ reviews, you will also want to check what they’re licensed for!

The general problems that come with moving

So far we’ve only looked at issues that specifically relate to the interstate part of interstate moving. But it’s worth remembering that interstate moving is still a type of relocation. So you will, naturally, be dealing with all the work you normally need to do for a relocation. That means finding and hiring movers, selling your house and buying a new property, packing everything you own and relocating it to your new home, and then all the things you need to do to settle in: unpacking, finding a new job, making new friends and so much more. So you’ll have your work cut out for you.

Why do you even need an interstate moving checklist?

By now, you should have a better idea of what you’re up against when moving your home or even moving your office to another state. But how can an interstate moving checklist help you tackle these challenges? Well, let’s start with the obvious: you have a lot to do. And that’s just looking at the major tasks without delving into the specific steps you will take for them.

So when we say “hire movers” what you will actually need to do is decide which moving services you need, find reputable moving companies in your area, narrow down your choices to those movers who can meet your needs, look into their background and read their reviews, get in touch with at least the top three choices, acquire an estimate from them and finally settle on the best moving company for your move. That’s a long list of things to do for just one task and there are many more coming!

Assorted post-it notes that contain an interstate moving checklist.
Organization is key when you have a lot on your plate.

With so much on your plate, organization will be absolutely crucial to success. You want to always have a good grasp on what you’ve done, what you still need to do, when you need it all done by, and what order you should do it in. An interstate moving checklist can be a great format to put all those thoughts into. It allows you to put all your thoughts down on paper and organize it in order. It’s easy to create, easy to change up, easy to follow – it’s just a very neat and useful way of following the course of your relocation.

How should an interstate moving checklist look?

When you are moving interstate and you have a concrete interstate moving checklist in front of you, you can relax. It gets easier after that. You’ll have a plan and you’ll have started which is the hardest part. But what should an interstate moving checklist look like?

Of course, this list is in no way the ultimate detailed and comprehensive plan and it will need some tweaking for individual relocations. If, for example, you are moving with pets, you’ll need to add a few things to this checklist to make your relocation more pet-friendly. If you’re moving an office, on the other hand, you’ll also need to take into account the security of any sensitive documents. Or maybe you’re moving your art collection; in that case, you’ll need to write in a few points regarding specialty services. But this gives you a general idea of everything you need to do which you can then adjust to suit your needs better if necessary.

Hire a reliable moving company for interstate moving

As we said, the moving process is very complicated because it requires a lot of thinking, planning, handling, knowledge, and skills. If you are planning an interstate moving, let’s say to New York City, help is most welcomed. Therefore, no one can help you better on that road than interstate movers NYC, because we are a company that knows every corner of New York City. With us, you won’t have to think about packing, supplies, loading and unloading moving boxes. Therefore, managing with reassembling and assembling the furniture will also be an easy job. Our professionals are highly trained and skilled in such demanding tasks.

-interstate moving
Hire a reliable moving company and interstate moving will go without stress and problems.

Arrange storage if you are moving interstate

When you are moving interstate you can come to certain problems in transportation. Your shipping can be late for a number of reasons. Weather conditions are one of them. Well, that delay will cost you, but you can avoid some costs. Don’t pay extra for the furniture you have to replace because they are damaged in transportation. If we imagine that you are moving to New York, without storage, safe interstate moving won’t be possible. Arrange storage NYC with the best conditions for your belongings to avoid possible damage. Be responsible and take care of your money and your belongings.

Define your budget

Without defining your budget, your interstate moving checklist can not be successful. The costs of moving can variate. If we take that you are moving to NYC from LA, you will possibly need to change kinds of transportation. Or it can happen that you have unpredictable additional costs. So, don’t wonder. Our moving experts NYC can give you a free estimate for interstate moving to NYC and very easily in short notice.

-money saving bank
Think about your budget if you do not want to have unpredictable costs.

You need to send us your request and note everything that you find important and what can use us for making the best offer for you. Get your quote today! Note from where you are moving and to where are you moving to, do you need storage, packing services, etc. Well, a fact is those elements are essential for making a good offer.

How much is an interstate move really going to cost you?

There’s really no way to tell how much your relocation is going to cost you until you get an estimate from movers. But that’s too late, isn’t it? You want to plan your budget much more in advance. So let’s talk about what you can expect.

A number of factors will affect the cost of your interstate move:

  • the size of the move (that is, how much your belongings weigh; the heavier your shipment, the higher the cost of moving it)
  • the distance of the move (that is, how far away your new home is from your old on; the longer the distance, the higher the cost of crossing it)
  • any additional services from movers (that is, using storage, having professional packers, moving a piano, shipping a vehicle or anything similar; additional services will cost you extra)

So if you want to save some money on your move, you should work on these things. You can lower the costs by doing what you can on your own instead of asking for additional services or donating or selling some of your stuff to lower the weight of your shipment.

Because each move is different, it is not possible to say precisely how much yours will cost without this information. But we can tell you the average costs of long-distance relocations so that you can have some idea of the budget you’ll need to prepare for a move to exactly 1000 miles and without any additional services.

Make a plan for packing

The relocation of your entire household demands time and concentration. Extra hands will be superior to find. When you are moving across the nation, let’s imagine to New York, it takes almost forever. So, for a helping hand in packing, the best moving company NYC can give you professional packers NYC in order to help you, guide you on how to do it and provide you with moving supplies. Before, you were left alone to explore the shops for moving boxes and other supplies and compare the prices, beg your neighbors and friends to help you with packing, rent a moving truck, etc.

A plan written in a notebook.
Plan your packing to make it easier!

That was very complicated and you weren’t the same man after that. Now, you can relax and let us do all the work for you. Plan how to pack your belongings in the way that moving boxes are labeled. So you will know which box is for the kitchen, and which is for the kitchen. Everything else leaves us.

Where can you find moving supplies?

Before you start actually packing, you will want to prepare everything for the process. This includes getting packing supplies NYC and setting up a packing station in one area of your home so that you don’t make a huge mess of the entire place. You can get moving and packing supplies in a variety of places. Moving companies NYC usually offer high-quality supplies at reasonable rates for their customers so you may want to start there. If you find this doesn’t work for you, you can upcycle boxes you already have lying around the house. Finally, some businesses like supermarkets and offices that get deliveries often may give away boxes for free.

Read about the city where your home is going to be

You need to get to know the city in which you are going to live in. Well, read about it online, get to know with the attractions, theatres, banks, post offices, nightlife, etc. All this is important because you are going to live there for a certain period of time and you should know how to entertain yourself. More important is to find the location of the hospital, schools, and parks. If you have pets and children parks and playgrounds will be a necessity. Also, greenery will help you to get rid of negative energy.

Take a look at your neighborhood

Drive through the streets of your future neighborhood. Look at the houses and people. Sit in a coffee shop nearby and listen to people that are talking. Get to know with the mailman. He can tell you all about what your neighbors are like. As you can see, if you have a social position in society you and your family will do just fine. You will need to make friends in the new neighborhood after you move!

Forward your mail

With a proper interstate moving checklist, you are changing your whole life story. The job, the environment, your address, everything. Your mail needs to be forwarded to another location in order to stay in touch and keep receiving important mail form utility, your friends, etc. So, change your data in the utility in order to get announcements and bills at a new address.

-mailbox with mail
Forward your email to keep in touch with your friend and to keep receiving your bills.

You mustn’t forget to transfer your utilities either! You will need your electricity, water, and internet in your new home as well, won’t you? So don’t forget to inform the companies that provide your utilities that you’re moving to. Cancel any services you’re not going to be using, update your address for those that you intend to continue using and set up anything that you can’t transfer in your new home.

Arm yourself with patience

The most important thing on any interstate moving checklist is to stay calm. Because it can be a long process and your nerves need to be in good condition. Your head’s mind to be clear in order to react if things get complicate and a problem occurs. By hiring a good moving company you can avoid all these problems. Make yourself free time to enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

When should you start ticking things off your interstate moving checklist?

Figuring out your interstate moving checklist is only one step. You will also need to implement that checklist and do everything on it. And that is going to require quite some time. So how far in advance should you start checking things off? Well, the more time you give yourself to handle the move the better. If you start early, you can take your time with everything and the whole process will be a lot less stressful. So really the answer is: start as early as you can.

A calendar that you should fit your interstate moving checklist into.
Give yourself enough time to complete the entire checklist without stress.

The less idealistic answer is that you should start at least two to three months before moving day. If that sounds like it’s too early, think again! There’s no such thing as starting too early. With a couple of months to go, you’ll want to start organizing everything. Create a moving binder or an Excel sheet where you will keep all the information you gather, the documents you need and the plans you make. Then slowly work your way down the list starting with the major things like buying and selling property, hiring movers and planning out your packing. Remember to pencil in some room for relaxation and meditation to preserve your sanity!

Settling in after the move – there’s still more to do after moving day!

Unfortunately, the work doesn’t stop as soon as you walk through the door of your new home. You will still need to settle into your new home after that! So you may want to add a few important things to your interstate moving checklist and extend it past the moving itself. You will, for example, want to unpack as soon as possible and then find a job if you don’t already have one. You should also take the time to get to know the neighborhood and meet the people in it at some social gathering like a housewarming party, for example. It is only when you feel at home in a new place that your relocation is truly complete!

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