How to Prevent Moisture in Your Storage Unit

When you have a storage unit, you will be dealing with a multitude of problems. No matter how amazing and reliable storage Brooklyn you get – you will still want to at least be aware of these burning issues and do something to fight them. Things like moisture, mildew, or dirt are common occurrences – and companies like ours fight them on a daily level. But there is much that you too can do to prevent moisture in your storage unit! In this article, we take a deeper dive into this “storage unit etiquette” to figure out exactly how to stop moisture from gathering in your unit.

The humidity levels can help you control the moisture in your unit

First, we need to see what methods there are for measuring the moisture in your unit. Movers 101 NYC can help you figure out how to set up a system that will help you keep the humidity levels in check. This is something you will want to keep an eye on regularly. Usually, the humidity level in a room should be anywhere from 30% to 50%. This is the top mark. If the humidity levels are above 50%, it should raise a red flag that there is something really wrong about your storage unit and that you should take steps to prevent moisture in your storage unit.

In order to check the humidity of your storage unit, you will need a hygrometer.

Professionals can do this for you – but it is not tough to do by yourself as well. All you will need is a hygrometer. This is an instrument that checks the humidity levels in a room. If it points to over 50%, then you will want to check the storage for mold. It can easily appear and “hide” behind other items and spread fast. So, you will need a detailed scan of the unit in order to stop it.

Check for leaks to prevent moisture in your storage unit

The next thing to do is to always be checking for leaks. This is especially true if you have an outdoor storage unit. If there are high levels of humidity, then it might be that there is a leak somewhere which is letting the moisture into your storage unit. So, start by checking for any holes and cracks which are hiding leaks. Search for them thoroughly before you agree to rent a unit – especially when moving long-distance and not having the chance to check the humidity often.

pipes and plumbing
Make sure to check for leaks and fix them as soon as possible after finding them!

But even if there were no leaks upon the first inspection, you should still come by your storage unit and check if from time to time – every month or two. If you cannot, you can always get someone – your friends or the storage company – to check for it. Sometimes, damages can happen slowly, over time. This is why they can appear suddenly after some time. Of course, you can always call us for high-quality storage units – and we will help you prevent moisture in your storage unit without any stress!

Make sure you are only storing dry items

One of the best ways to prevent moisture in your storage unit is to look out for what you are putting in it. If you bring wet items there and leave them in the storage to dry, then you will raise up the humidity levels fast. Then, it is only a matter of time before moisture can appear!

clothes rack
Dry your clothes before you pack them for your storage if you want to prevent moisture!

So, to prevent moisture in your storage unit, you will want to store only dry items inside. Make sure that everything is completely dry before it gets to your unit. It is highly important that not even one item is left to dry. For example, if you are storing your clothes in a storage unit, ensure that they are all dry! One item can completely destroy the whole unit if it’s wet because mold and mildew can develop fast and ruthlessly.

Desiccants can help you prevent moisture in your storage unit

Another thing you can use is some type of desiccant. These are substances that absorb water. You can find them in many shapes and forms! You will want to use them if you have more than 50% of humidity in your storage unit. All you need to do is just leave it in your storage. The best place would be hanging from the ceiling or a wall – but you can also leave them on a shelf or a floor. Grab a desiccant and full a small bag with it, and your storage unit will be safe! These include:

  • Rice – one of the most famous desiccants you can find at home. People use it to save their phones from moisture, just by using a little salt and rice. Put it in an open box and leave it there.
  • Salt – one of the easiest desiccants you can get! It doesn’t only help with liquid water – but also with the vapor in the air as well! All you need to do is to leave a box of salt in your storage unit and the humidity levels should drop.
  • Silica gel – this is one of the most commonly used desiccants around. You can even find them in your new pair of shoes! They greatly absorb water, and you can keep reusing it. All you need to do is dry out the bag in the oven using low heat, and it will be ready to go again!
  • Kitty litter – might be a little unconventional, but kitty litter is also a commonly used desiccant. The clay within can help prevent moisture in your storage unit, but you will need to change it from time to time – just like at home.

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