Moving from Park Slope to Manhattan

Moving from Park Slope to Manhattan is always the right decision, but could be scary at first. People are afraid of that change, worrying about the differences between those two places. Park Slope movers say that most people worry if they will adapt to a location so big as Manhattan. If they are used to small, slow life in Park Slope, it could feel scary. However, before moving, you should make a list of things that you love the most and which are best in one of those places.

  • Some people want good cultural life and happenings in that area – so large cities are in the first place for them;
  • For most young people nightlife is very important, so it is the primary reason for moving from Park Slope to Manhattan;
  • If you worry about the family (especially with the pet) you should stop and hire one of the local movers NYC – this is a place known to great places for families;
  • It is not strange that people consider price when moving to Manhattan and they are not wrong – they have much higher real estate prices;
  • We know that there are people who are urban and love great places and the other ones, so choose your side and make the final decision.

Like any other place in the world, both of those places have good and bad sides. You should define your expectations, wishes, and possible wrong hands of the moving there. However, there are a lot of places where people cannot live, regardless of magnificent nature, price or quietness. So, firstly read our reasons for living in one and another site and make your decision.

A house in Park Slope
Do you want to replace the quiet life of suburbia with the crowd in Manhattan?

Reasons to give up from moving from Park Slope to Manhattan

Believe you or not, some people cannot move to that big and urban place as Manhattan. No matter how popular it is, and how many people love to live there. They simply cannot accept the city crowd, astronomical prices of houses, and possible troubles with schools. If you are one of those people, do not worry. You will surely find reasons to stay at Park Slope.

Park Slope is excellent for families with kids

If you have children, maybe it is not a good idea to move to Manhattan. Although you surely want to offer them an excellent life opportunity, living in a big city could be hard for them. On the other hand, Park Slope has divine nature, parks, and broad streets. If this is not enough for you, hire Movers 101 New York and go for your chance in Manhattan.

It is terrible for people who love the nightlife

Moving from Park Slope is not like moving from Brooklyn to New Jersey. Park Slope is a much smaller and quiet place than Brooklyn. The worst option is obviously for those who love night clubs and restaurants. Even if you find a good coffee shop, there are high chances that you will see mothers with babies there. However, they have good restaurants with excellent food there.

They have a lot of parks

For people who have children and pets, Park Slope is an excellent place. There are a lot of parks and nature for walking. Brooklyn local movers, for example, say that people with families love to live in these types of cities. So, do not organize to move before considering this option.

Architecture of Manhattan
It is not easy to move to Manhattan from Park Slope

Advantages of moving from Park Slope to Manhattan

Known for great nightlife, clubs, and cultural life, Manhattan surely has high sides that attract people all over the world. However, do not worry if you do not know anything about this part of the world. They are great for new people who are for the first time there. You will find many more reasons to live here if open eyes to new chances and opportunities.

It is the luxury place

It is the only place in the world where you can find so many buildings with concierges. Those buildings have a large apartment and penthouses, which is excellent. However, only wealthy people can live there, so do not take it as the reason for living here.

Cultural life is the best

If you have watched TV shows, you know that Manhattan has maybe the best clubs, theaters, and museums. You will surely not feel boring if you come to live in Manhattan. On the other hand, do not forget that it is among the most expensive places in the world, so all you can see is too expensive for the average person.

Small apartments

Unfortunately, tiny flats are one of the reasons why people avoid this part of New York. Most of those little apartments cost a lot, so you will not have the right place for living. In most cases, people have roommates or live in basements or small flats.

How to decide if moving from Park Slope to Manhattan is the right choice?

It is hard to say if moving from a small city to large is the right decision. For some people, it is tight and almost impossible. However, do not worry if you cannot make this decision. There are a few pieces of advice that maybe could help in it. After all, ask people who live there how they have managed their lives.

Architecture in Park Slope
For some people, it’s much easier to live in the suburbs.

Consider price and value

If you have chosen to live in Manhattan, do not forget that they have costly places for living, for a high price. There are high chances that you will live in a small apartment or share with a roommate. So, before moving here, consider the ratio of price and apartment size. The same worth for all other things, regarding food, free time and quality of living.

Type of living

For most families, Manhattan is not suitable for life. They will stay at Park Slope instead. It is also important to say that most of them have great places that love in Park Slope. However, before moving from Park Slope to Manhattan, take all the above in mind.

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