Things to do in Red Hook

Red Hook is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York that you will love exploring! It got its name from the red clay soil, and Hook means corner or point in Dutch. It is a place where past, present, and future collide, making this neighborhood a beautiful place to live in. We have made a list of the best things to do in Red Hook, as this part of New York has a lot to offer. If you still have not moved, do not hesitate to reach the fantastic Brooklyn movers and make your move stress-free.

things to do in red hook - two aircrafts flying in the sky during daylight
One of the first things to do in Red Hook is visiting the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome.

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

A living museum of the earliest airplanes can be seen right at this spot. At the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, you and your entire family will enjoy yourselves for the entire weekend. This museum has it all, early airplanes, automobiles, engines and a lot more. They all come from the period of 1900-1939. If you want to revive the past, you can even see the oldest airplane to ever fly in the USA, Bleriot. This is of course, if the weather permits, so check out the weather forecast. This is certainly one of the best things to do in Red Hook, so go for it.

Visiting Living Eden Shop is one of the best things to do in Red Hook

If you want an experience that is a complete opposite to a shopping mall purchasing experience, you are in the right spot. One of the best places to visit in Red Hook is the Living Eden shop. This is a place that offers you a unique shopping experience that customers simply adore. Here you will be able to find everything that you have always wanted. Candles, home accents, gifts for your loved ones, but also stylish clothes and jewelry can be found here. Take your time while window shopping as well, as the store is wonderfully decorated and you will feel like you are in a different world.

Poets` Walk Park

You do not have to be a poet to enjoy this beautiful part of nature, but if you come up with an idea for a novel or a poem, do not be surprised. It has been rumored that Washington Irving got the inspiration for Rip Van Vinkle by strolling through this area. You can visit the Hudson River Valley Heritage Area here, make a picnic with your family. This is a pet-friendly park so you can take out your dog as well. In the winter, this is a great place for skiing, or simply walking and enjoying the views. So, call your Red Hook movers to move here even faster.

a painting of a horse in a museum and two people observing it
Horse lovers will absolutely adore this Gallery with so many works dedicated to this stunning animal.

Widow Jane

After all the decision making that accompanies the move to a new home, and after you have learned how to pack for a long-distance move, it is time to relax in this famous distillery. Visiting Widow Jane distillery is one of the first things to do in Red Hook. This distillery produces top-notch Bourbon whiskeys right on spot and delivers them across America. They also produce unusual whiskeys, so this is a great opportunity to buy several bottles for your friends who love it. And even if you do not buy anything, you are welcome to try out and taste whichever taste you want.

Equis Art Gallery

If you love horses and are charmed by their strength, grace, and beauty, you will love this gallery. Here you will be able to see the works of artists from around the world. It will be a heaven on Earth for your kids as well. They will be able to see the carefully crafted sculptures of horses, but also fine art photography. Some works are done in graphite, while others are paintings of horses. If you are in the mood for non-traditional art, Equis Art Gallery is the right place for you. Experience Red Hook in a non-traditional way by visiting this gallery.

Waterfront Museum and Showboat Barge

This museum faithfully depicts the period between 1860-1960 when it comes to ships and culture of that time. It is located on a barge, Lehigh Valley Railroad Barge number 79. Once you enter this swaying barge, you will be transported in another world. They organize theatrical performances, so you will be able to enjoy a showboat circus, but also hear river songs, see pirate shows. You will be able to watch operas, dance shows and much more. This is a truly majestic museum, that you should place on your list of things to do in Red Hook. And, another great thing about it is that the entrance is completely free.

four different types of food and a grill
Try the delicious food from all around the world from food vendors on the streets of Red Hook.

Visit the food vendors on the streets of Red Hook

There are plenty of restaurants in Red Hook that you will love. Nevertheless, you can truly experience Red Hook by eating food from food vendors on the streets. Forget about your usual meal, because here you can taste the best food from Puerto Rico, Columbia, Guatemala, El Salvador, and so much more. Treat yourself with elotes, empanadas, pupusas, tamales and other meals you have never heard of. Red Hook is the right place to try out something entirely new and incredibly tasty. And with so much do to, see, and try here, Red Hook is one of the best places to raise a family in Brooklyn, for sure.

Hire movers and move to Red Hook today

Professional movers can help you in every aspect of your move. They can provide numerous services so that you can focus on other, more important things in your life. Here is what reliable movers can do for you:

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There are so many interesting things to do in Red Hook, that we are sure you will love this list. Head off into an adventure visiting these beautiful places. Have fun!

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