Tips for handling robust furniture when moving

Anyone who has ever moved to a new place, probably knows how this is stressful and hard. Especially if you have not planned it right or you don’t have experience in handling robust furniture when moving. There are a few simple rules you can follow in order to make your life much easier. Knowing how to lift your furniture or what to do before you start to carry it can mean a world of difference.

Measuring is everything when you are handling robust furniture when moving

Robust wooden seating area
Hiring a moving company is the safest choice when you are handling robust furniture when moving.

Before you start to even think about moving and transporting your belongings, you have to plan your move. This means that you must do a few things and that is:

  1. Measure
  2. Make floor plans
  3. Start on time

Once your moving day is near, it is easy to forget about these three steps. Each of them is very important when you are handling robust furniture when moving. 

First, do all needed measuring. Measure first your large pieces of furniture. Of course, in case if you want to keep that furniture. Measure all the sides, depth, height because you need to know if it will fit your new room or new place.

Second, you have to measure your new room as well. Again, measure everything including empty walls, even windows, and doors. Maybe you are wondering why on earth would you do this unnecessary step. Well, you don’t want to go through the pain and hard work of lifting and handling robust furniture when moving only to see that it cannot fit through the door.

The second step is to make floor plans. You have a variety of online programs you can use free. It will make your job so much easier. There are even 3D models it looks very realistic. Once you assemble all the measurements, you can make everything online and try to fit your furniture in the virtual program. You will see how it looks before your hard work of handling robust furniture when moving starts.

Lastly, you have to begin everything on time. Actually, this is first in line. Make sure that you leave yourself enough time so you can do everything slowly and accurately. When you know that you have plenty of time before your moving day you will feel less stress. It will help you to do your task more efficient. 

Tricks for moving large furniture

There are a few tricks and moving tips very helpful once you start to move your furniture. Depending on the type of your furniture, you will be able to apply at least some of them if not all of them.

Opened window is sometimes the best entrance when handling robust furniture when moving
Removing a window or a door can be very helpful when you are working in a narrow space.

Remove attached furniture pieces

By removing small handles, wheels, legs and similar pieces from your furniture you might get that few inches that you need to fit through the door. Of course, save everything you have removed for when you transport it in your new room you will attach them again.

The best way to keep everything together and don’t risk losing anything is to put it in a plastic bag and tape it for your furniture. 

In case you have a couple of pieces of furniture, it is wise to hire a moving company. Movers have more hands available to carry them and besides, they have experience in handling robust furniture when moving. Do your research and talk with different movers so you can find a reliable moving company that will do a good job.

Get around tight corners

Another let’s say the trick is to know how to get around tight corners in your new place. If you have measured your bulky furniture and you are sure it fits, you will manage to get it inside. In case you have really narrow hallway with corners to get in the room, you will have to plan how to carry the furniture inside. 

The last thing you want is to begin to plan your action while your sofa or some other thing is in your hands. This would be a sure way to get stuck. You can tilt your furniture piece; don’t try to just to turn it around. The best way is to try to upright it and that advice of removing smaller attachments would be very helpful at this point.

Orange forklifts placed in a row
You will need special equipment to transport or lift large furniture.

Prepare your new home before you start to move

When you start your relocation, the first things that you need to transport are large furniture. Handling robust furniture when moving is much easier if you don’t have to go around boxes and try not to fall and get hurt.

The safest way is to get inside an empty room and place it where it will be in the future.

If you have more difficulties to carry it inside a narrow space, try to remove doors and windows.

Not all of them, of course, just the ones that are in your path. Every small thing counts, you will get a few inches but sometimes that is all you need.

Adding removed small attachments to that and voila, you are successful at handling robust furniture when moving. 

Hire movers

One sure way to avoid stress and hard lifting is to hire movers. If your budget allows you, it is the best way in case you have bulky furniture. Professionals have also the necessary equipment to transport your furniture. Not to mention that you will also need a moving truck or a large vehicle. If you are moving long distance don’t try to do this yourself. Movers will help with transporting and disassembling furniture as well.

A long-distance move is very demanding and requires detailed planning. Commercial moving is also a type of move that needs professional help.

In conclusion, planning is the biggest part of the move. If you do that right, every other task will be much easier.


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