How to negotiate with moving companies

Negotiating has always been a part of our lives. We always look for better deals, for better offers. So why should the relocation be any different? A lot of people are not sure can they actually negotiate with moving companies. And the answer is – yes, you can negotiate with movers. It is like anything else. You need to do your research, find a better deal and be ready to compromise. Moving is stressful and it can cost a lot of money. People try to cut corners on different things, but they rarely decide to negotiate with the moving company. Don’t forget, you can ask every moving company for a free moving estimate. So, why not use it as an advantage?

Before you start to negotiate with moving companies – find trustworthy and reliable ones

So, for you to start negotiating with moving companies – you need to do proper research. You need to look through a lot of local movers NYC or long-distance moving companies. You can ask them for a free moving estimate, get in touch with them. They all offer different services, different moving packages. Some of them can even offer you packing supplies. But before you choose the one you would like to start the negotiations  – you need to do your research. 

man on laptop researching to negotiate with moving companies
Do your research before you start to negotiate

How to know is the company reliable and trustworthy?

As you probably know, there are a lot of companies that are not doing everything by the law. Usually, they are much cheaper, and you won’t be able to negotiate with moving companies like that. As we mentioned, you should check if the company is licensed and registered. There are certain criteria and standards that a reliable and trustworthy company needs to fulfill before they can register.

Timing is important for negotiations

You should keep in mind that not every time during the year is ideal for relocation. And naturally during those periods moving companies do not have a lot of work. And that is the moment when you can negotiate with moving companies. Usually, slow months are during winter. Also, besides that people move to the beginning or at the end of the month. So, if you can do that – the best thing is to schedule your moving day during winter, middle of the month. That can be your leverage when it comes to negotiations with movers. But keep in mind to be fair, and get the best deal for everyone. Even if the period is slow, you should not expect some special services for free – like packing.

wooden calendar on table
Be flexible with your relocation date

If you declutter – it will help you to negotiate with moving companies

Naturally, the price is determined depending on the amount of the items you plan to relocate and on the distance. So, decluttering all of your belongings can save you a lot of money. So, before you get the in-home moving estimate – make sure to declutter. It is time to get rid of all the belongings that you do not use anymore. You can have a garage sales or donate them. This will affect your price, and you can get a better estimate.

Get the moving quote

So, one of the most important things when it comes to negotiating the price for your relocation is to check moving quotes. You can contact a lot of moving companies, and check their offers. Depending on how busy they are – you can get different prices. But, if you get an offer that is very low – don’t rush. Check their website, search for online reviews and ask around. If anything seems strange don’t be afraid to ask. You can even visit their office if you are able to. Negotiations are sometimes even better face to face since you can see how honest is the other side.

Moving contract is important

No matter the price, it is very important to get the moving contract. Especially when you are negotiating with a moving company. They can offer you one price, and you might end up paying a completely different price. And that is why the moving contract is important. As soon as you reach your desired price, make sure to talk with them and sign the contract. That way, even if they change prices or get busier they will have to honor your deal.

moving contract
Make sure to sign a moving contract as soon as you get the price you like

Check for hidden fees

When you are negotiating a price, moving companies can lower them. But they can hide some costs and that can get the price up at the end. So when you choose your moving company, make sure to check are there any hidden fees. Talk with them, check the moving contract. You probably heard about it – someone got a great price and ended up paying more then the regular price would be.

So, make sure to check are there any hidden fees. Read the fine print and don’t rush yourself. Listen to your instincts and be careful when you are signing a moving contract. You can always call reliable companies like Movers 101 NYC and check their price. And if you are getting much lower than what a reputable moving company would offer – it is better to pass it.

You need to be flexible when you try to negotiate with moving companies

So, this is something that is very important. You need to be flexible. Depending on are you moving long-distance or locally – you can save a lot of money. For example, if you are moving locally – you can pack and load the moving truck. That way the moving company will be more than willing to lower the price. If you are moving long-distance you will probably want your belongings there as soon as possible. But if you are flexible and open – your belongings can arrive a little bit later than you. That can affect the price and you can use that to negotiate with moving companies.

Insurance is important

You want to save money and you want to negotiate. But some things are non-negotiable and you should make sure to get them. One of those things is insurance. You need to make sure to get the insurance for your belongings. That way, you will pay a little bit more but if there is any damage – you will be reimbursed. There are some things that shouldn’t be negotiated and they can cost you even more at the end.


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