How to prepare your children for a long distance move

No matter how old your children are, a long distance move will be a big deal to them. And the older they are, the harder they’ll take it. Because younger children often don’t quite get how big a change a long distance move is. Plus, they make new friends more easily. However, you can almost count on that they won’t be too happy about it. And there’s nothing strange about it. Considering that their lives will change a lot. They will have to leave their home, their school, their friends behind them. And what’s waiting for them at the end of the long distance move is unknown. So, after you’ve booked long distance movers NYC you can try to prepare your children for a long distance move. And if you’re wondering how you can do that then you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find some suggestions and tips that will hopefully help you prepare your children when you’re moving long distance.

The best way to properly prepare your children for a long distance move

Talking to your children is the only way to properly prepare your children for a long distance move, or another kind like an interstate move. And the best way you could do that is by talking to them directly. You shouldn’t hesitate or beat around the bush. Just be open and tell them that you’re moving. Sure, they will be in shock or maybe sad, sometimes even angry. But that will pass once they get used to the idea.

Silhouette of father and son - How to prepare your children for a long distance move
Give your children more credit. I’m sure they’ll understand the situation

However, if you want to help them get used to the idea faster than just telling them that you’re moving isn’t going to cut it. You need to take time and go through the moving process with them. Of course, how detailed the explanation should be depends on their age. But what you mustn’t forget is to tell them the reason why you’re moving. They will surely try to find a reason for your long distance move. So, it is better both for you and them to tell them the real reason. Especially since children can sometimes think that moving is their fault.

When is the right moment to tell them?

Choosing when to tell them can be tough. Many parents get stuck waiting for the right moment. But, let me tell you that there is no right moment. Your children will not magically be happier about the move if you wait to tell them. Other parents often think that they are protecting their children by waiting as long as they can to let them know that they are moving. But they end up doing just the opposite of that.

If you really want to get your children ready for moving then you need to tell them as soon as you are sure that you’re moving. The more time you give them to process everything, the more they will be prepared and okay with the move. Furthermore, this will give them enough time to say goodbye to their friends. To figure out how to stay in touch with them. Maybe even make plans to visit one another. And more importantly, by telling them as soon as possible that you’re moving, you’re leaving them more time to make memories and spend the time before the move in the best way they can.

The second-best way to prepare your children for a long distance move

Furthermore, the more they know about the moving process and the more they are involved the easier this big change will be for them. That’s why if you want to prepare your children for a long distance move you should try to involve them as much as you can.

Every chance you get, ask them for their opinion. You can, for example, give them a few options and let them choose a hotel where you will spend a night while on the move. Or if you get a free moving estimate you can let your children ask the movers what they want to know. There’s also something else you can try. Namely, you can give them small tasks that they can manage to do by themselves. For example, you can ask them to pack their toys or their room. You can ask them what they want to take with them and what they want to leave behind.

A girl and a dog
Maybe their job could be to take care of your pet

It doesn’t matter how small the task is, it will mean a lot to them. By giving them this you’re giving them a sense of control. And this can be crucial because a long distance move is probably the biggest change in their lives and they are not the ones that choose to move.

How to involve your children in the moving process

While you are at it, you can give them a task to choose and prepare some games you can play on the road. Games like “I spy with my little eye” are easy to play and you don’t need anything physical to play them. But at the same time, they will keep your children entertained while on the road. Plus, they will keep them from making a mess.

Music - How to prepare your children for a long distance move
They can also make a playlist with their favorite music for the road

Another task I’m sure they can handle is preparing food and drinks. Give them a budget and take them to a grocery shop. Then, let them decide what they want to eat and drink. They can put some of it in their essential bags. Packing these bags is also something they can do. You can, for example, tell them that they need to pack:

  • two pairs of pants
  • three pairs of socks
  • three pairs of underwear
  • a jacket and so on.

And then leave it up to them to choose which ones. That way they are going to pack what they need to pack for the road, but they will also get to make decisions. Many moving companies say that is a great way to prepare your children for a long distance move and at the same time get some help from them.

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