How to find affordable movers in NYC?

As you probably already know, moving can be expensive. Moving supplies, moving company, storage if needed – all of that can be pretty expensive. So, we understand why it might be challenging to find affordable moving companies NYC that can provide you with great service. It might seem hard and challenging, but with our tips, you will find affordable movers in NYC in no time. And, your budget will be grateful for that. All you need is a little bit of knowledge, a little bit of time and a little bit of patience. 

If you want to hire affordable movers in NYC – you need a company with experience

We know that companies that have experienced might seem a little bit more expensive. But, you need to consider the fact that the experience that they have can save you money at the end. Simply, depending are you moving locally or long-distance – you will need different services. And a company that doesn’t have a lot of experience or a lot of reviews and customers might not have enough knowledge to handle your relocation. You need to be sure that they pay attention to every detail. Also, their logistics should be impeccable.

people shaking hands when they find affordable movers in NYC
Experience is one of the most important traits when it comes to affordable moving companies

It might be tempting to hire cheaper movers in NYC – but it can cost you a lot in the end. So, don’t try to save money and hire affordable movers in NYC no matter the consequences.

Do proper research

One of the best ways to decide which moving company can offer you affordable prices and great service you need to compare at least 5 moving companies. Compare their prices, reviews and do proper research on them. You need to be sure that you are hiring the most affordable movers in NYC. But at the same time, you need to be sure that they can handle your relocation without any problems.

woman doing research on affordable movers in NYC
Make sure to do proper research

Check with Better Business Bureau

This is one of the most important things when you are trying to find affordable moving companies in NYC. When someone has a problem with a moving company they usually report it to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Standards in the Better Business Bureau are very high, and the scale of ratings goes from A to F. And if the company is accredited by BBB then you know you are in good hands. It might take additional time to check this – but it will help you in the end.

How to do a background check for affordable movers in NYC?

As we previously mentioned, you need to do proper research on your moving company. But a lot of people just check their website, check reviews and they do not look any further. But if you really want to find a reliable and yet affordable moving company in NYC you need to dig a little deeper. Here is a list of things that you should pay attention to:

  • Does the moving company have a license? If they do not have it – it is better to look for another company
  • Are there any reviews? Are they good or bad? If there are some bad reviews – what is the most common complaint?
  • Do they offer a contract, binding estimate? If they do not have this, or they give you to sign a blank contract – avoid them.
  • What are their payment options? if they only accept cash – that might be a red flag.
  • Are they professional? How do they reply on calls, messages or comments on social media? This can show you a lot about them.
  • How do they do their estimate? Do they pay attention to your list of items?
  • Are they asking for a high up-front payment? A lot of companies ask for a small up-front so they can book your moving day – but if they ask a lot of money that is a red flag.
  • Are their prices very low? And when you compare them to other companies do they seem like a too affordable moving company in NYC? Very low prices can mean that something is not right.

How to compare the prices?

So, you found your list of a couple of companies that offer affordable prices. But, how to compare them? You can not simply look at the number, you need to consider some other factors as well. If you are trying to find an apartment in NYC and you want to save as much as possible on the relocation cost – you need to learn how to compare those prices.

calculator with money aside
You need to compare prices and make sure to choose the option that suits you the most

First step

The first step is to ask them for a moving estimate. Ask every company to provide you with a free moving estimate, and the price at the end is the most important thing to look at. But, this is not the only parameter that you should consider.

Second step

After you asked and got your free moving estimate, the next question should be about services included in the price. Some moving companies include packing materials, others don’t, So, make sure to ask all the question especially if you need some additional services.

Third step

And, in the end – this is the most important step. You need to be direct and open, and ask the company before you sign the contract will there be any additional charges? A lot of companies give you one price at the beginning and in the end, you get a completely different price. So- make sure to get everything in writing. That way you will be protected from any possible scams.

people talking
Make sure to ask all the questions before you sign the contract

Where to look for affordable movers in NYC?

So, naturally, the first place where you will look is the internet. You can find most of the relevant information online. But if you know someone who has been moving a lot, or they simply know a lot about moving companies- ask them for a recommendation. Especially if you besides relocation need storage NYC and you want to make sure that you find a moving company that can offer you both. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and make sure to ask them all before you hire an affordable moving company in NYC.

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