Millennials are leaving New York – learn why

New York is one of the most fascinating cities on the planet. It can offer a lot, and the opportunities are endless. But something is happening and we have all noticed it – Millennials are leaving New York. The next natural question is why? Why so many young professionals are leaving this great city and deciding to live somewhere else? The reasons behind this are numerous. But still, so many young people leaving a city that is a dream for so many people around the planet – it is not something that you can see every day. So, we are going to try to understand why this phenomenon is happening.

Is it true that millennials are leaving New York?

The question that we can hear every day, is why young people are leaving New York? It might seem that this is just exaggerating, but if you ask New York movers, they will tell you that they have a lot of work. And that customers are mainly young professionals. So, why is this happening? What has changed? These are just some of the questions that we are going to explore and try to understand. There are a lot of reasons for this if we are being honest. But, still – what has changed and the Big Apple is not so popular anymore?

city in New York and millennials are leaving New York
A lot of millennials are leaving New York, although this is a dream city for many people

What are the reasons for millennials to leave New York?

It is not a secret that prices in New York are much higher than in the United States. Rent, groceries, hobbies – everything is much more expensive in New York. Also, New York is growing, and although a lot of people are moving out – a lot of people are moving in. There are so many nice neighborhoods for the newcomers in NYC. But the rent is not cheap. The cost of living is not low. Living in New York is becoming challenging and although there are a lot of job offers– many young people are choosing to live in smaller cities.

Rent in NYC is high

One of the main things that make people leave is rent. If you look at the rent prices online, you will see why. The small apartment has a really big price, and a lot of people do not want to have roommates. And if we are being honest, it is not always easy to find reliable roommates. So, people have to choose – either you will live with roommates or you will find some cheap, bad apartment that you probably won’t like. And, although the median wage has increased – the rent has increased double. So it is very understandable why young people are leaving New York.

house made of puzzles
A lot of millennials do not want roommates

It is very crowded

This is something that is really starting to bother people. Not the simple fact that more and more people are coming to New York. But the fact that is sometimes impossible to find a parking spot. Or if you do not have a car – you know how public transportation can be hectic. Restaurants, bars – everything is always full and it is not easy to find a spot. It is natural for people to want to live somewhere where they have enough room, where they have options and they can actually enjoy their free time. Especially if they have pets – it is hard to find an apartment that accepts pets and it is big enough. Brooklyn can offer some nice places, but if you want to live in Manhattan and have a pet – it is simply overcrowded.

Living in New York city implies a unique lifestyle

Although it might seem ridiculous and unreal, one of the main reasons why millennials are leaving New York is this. When you look around, you will see that you simply need to start your day with a quality cup of coffee. After that – there should be a brunch at some of the most popular restaurants in the city. And of course – taking a cab. People expect that you will become CEO in a year, and that id you did not do this – you are considered to be a fail. 

cabs in NYC as representation why Millennials are leaving New York
If you live in New York there is a certain lifestyle you need to keep up with

Things like this create pressure. And not so many people can handle it. And it is not just that pressure. It is expected that you can work all day long, have a perfect relationship, a well-payed job and a lot of free time to go clubbing. And make that look effortless. And that simply can exhaust a person. One of the cities that a lot of millennials choose in LA. So, naturally, there is a rather big number of millennials moving from NYC to LA. LA can offer a lot of sunny days, a more relaxed environment. Something that New York can’t and that is why a lot of millennials are leaving New York.

Handling money can be a problem

As we mentioned, New York requires a certain lifestyle. And not many millennials know how to successfully handle their money. A lot of them have grown-up in hectic times and simply handling money doesn’t come easy to them. What you can often hear and see is that millennials are living above their means. They are trying to keep up the appearance and that can cost them a lot. And New York does not forgive mistakes like that. And that is when the shiny LA comes in. Simply, life in LA is much easier, easy to get accustomed to. And in that battle New York vs. LA – LA takes the win!

Millennials are leaving New York – are you going?

If you are a millennial and you are not sure should you move – think about it. There are a lot of other cities that can offer you a lot. Many ex-New Yorkers are enjoying their time.  If you decide to move, you should consider that you will be having much more time for yourself, for your social life. And you will be able to enjoy life, and sun if you decide to move to LA. But, if New York is still the city of your dreams – try to get the best out of it.


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