New York vs. Los Angeles: Which is better?

There is something different about modern moving than that from a century ago. In human history, people were generally bound to live their whole lives in a 100-mile radius from where they were born. Most of them in the same village or town. However, with the industrial revolution people would be moving from moving from NY to California in search of good fortunes not on horseback or with the dangerous wagons, but on railroad tracks! However, they were always seeking exactly that – money and opportunity. Today, there is something profoundly different. We are soo free to travel that we can actually choose to move for quality of life. That is exactly why you are asking who is better in comparison with New York vs Los Angeles. Both are economically similar, but the luxury of choice makes this a decision you have to think about in a broader sense. Let us see what’s in store!

So, first of all, lets set the rules for a New York vs. Los Angeles match!

Before we move on with the question of should you be moving from NYC to LA or the other way around, we have to have some rules in this New York vs. Los Angeles match.

  • First off, New York vs Los Angeles will come head to head in 8 categories. We will compare them in the most important aspects of life, pointing you to the one that is a definite winner in the said category.
  • All of this is subjective. We cannot guarantee that you will have the same results as us. This is an opinion piece, not a scientific study.
  • And, finally, the decision will be made, but be aware that you are the one who makes the final choice.
New York vs Los Angeles skyline
A picture of the LA skyline. You can see for yourself the sprawl of this great city!

Except for those, we should also get some other things out of the way. First of all, both cities are absolutely huge, both by population and land size. New York, however, beats out LA in the first category with a hefty margin, while LA takes the sheer surface prize, beating out NYC in this category.

Both cities have wast metropolitan areas, huge economy and sky-high prices of living. Also, both are highly represented in the media (though New York City again takes the cake here), is represented in many tv shows and movies. Also, both cities have a great amount of cultural diversity.

But, enough of what makes them the same. What are the differences between these great US cities *

Climate situation

Let’s say that you are moving just for the weather. Will you hire LA movers or go with the Movers 101 NYC lists to find you relocate to the Big Apple. Well, if you are simply choosing by the climate, LA wins by a long shot. NYC can have pretty rough weather. And yes, winters are eye candy for sure but you can even face hurricanes, extreme cold, and pretty wet summers.

LA, on the other hand, is pretty much the perfect place for anyone to live in. Weather is generally perceived to be among the most suitable for anyone. Therefore, in this New York vs Los Angeles category, LA takes the cake. 1-0!

Eye candy

As for the aesthetic part of this competition, it is generally a tie. Actually, you can determine a winner, but it will depend on personal taste. Both NYC and LA possess some rather remarkable pieces of modern architecture. However, LA tends to have newer buildings, while NYC is more beginning of the century type of deal.

Transportation – New York vs Los Angeles

In both cities, the car is king, but if you don’t have a car in NYC you will manage much batter than in LA. 

cars and taxies
Where will you get around easier?

Of course, don’t throw your vehicle for recycling just because you can use the convenience of NY public transportation, but you will manage without it. That could hardly be said for LA.

Cultural diversity and food

This is just the definition of a tie. Nothing to say here. Both are melting pots of cultures and on the streets of both, you will find foods from any corner of this planet.

What about job opportunities

NYC business storage is there for all the people who are moving their companies to Brooklyn in order to get that sweet Manhattan business opportunities. However, are they making a mistake? How do both cities stand in the economic category of the New York vs Los Angeles fight?

Well, they are both very rich cities with highly developed economies. However, it is all about the type of life. Are you a workaholic, aiming only for the top of the tower? NYC is your city. The more relaxed lifestyle, a lot of entertainment jobs? LA is more to your preference.

Cost of living

Rent is lower in LA. That is for certain. But, you also need a car in LA. Meaning you will pretty much have the same cost of living!


What city is better for a healthy lifestyle? Well, you would think that LA wins here with its less density and more sunshine.

A doctor
What place will provide you with better healthcare?

However, you also drive everywhere meaning you are not physically active as an NYC person. But, if you are serious about exercise, LA is the better choice.


If you are living low on budget, NYC is safer in general. NYPD is on top of any gang activity, but petty crime is, unfortunately, more common than in NYC. However, as for middle-class neighborhoods, LA and NYC are both pretty safe. You will not see much difference here.

So, what’s the score?

Well, we can’t really answer that question now, can we? We are, after all, not the concerned party, or the judge. That would be you. You are the one who has to decide who won in New York vs Los Angeles match. However, what we have done is provide you with the information to the best of our ability, while doing our best to be concise. All that’s left is to pick the best place for you and hire a reliable moving company to help your transition!

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