Ultimate Moving Supply List for 2020

Moving takes a lot of time and energy. But, with good preparation, you can make it much easier. And one way of doing so is to have a list of everything needed for your relocation. From moving companies to where to find moving supplies NYC. In order to help you, we’ve made an ultimate moving supply list for 2020. It can assist you in being more organized. And in making your relocation a lot easier. 

What to put on your ultimate moving supply list for 2020?

There are many items that you absolutely need when moving. You can’t pack properly if you don’t have the tools for it. So, in every ultimate moving supply list for 20202 moving boxes are a must. And there are many different kinds and sizes. But more on that later. You’ll also need packing tape, box cutters, scissors, labels and so on. It’s important to pack properly in order to avoid unpacking mistakes. And It’s also important that you have everything that you need before you start packing. Because stopping in the middle of the process to go out and buy extra boxes can cost you a lot of precious time. 

items on the ultimate moving supply list for 2020
Your ultimate moving supply list should contain boxes, tape, plastic wrap as well as many other items that are important

How to get moving supplies?

There are many ways in which you can get your hands on moving supplies. The first place people go to look for packing supplies in hardware stores. They usually sell a limited range of moving boxes. The alternative is to call your NYC moving company. Most moving companies sell packing supplies. And they can sometimes deliver them to your home. So you won’t have to go out at all. The third solution is to browse the web. There are many websites that sell moving boxes, tape, plastic wrap and so on. 

Your ultimate moving supply list for 2020 should start with moving boxes

One of the first items that you need to get for your relocation is moving boxes. They are essential for safely moving your belongings. And they come in many different shapes and sizes. So, you need to know what to pack in which boxes. One common mistake people make is to put heavy items in large moving boxes. They are great for household appliances. But will give in to the pressure of, let’s say books. The bigger the box, the bigger the bottom surface is. And it has more chance of breaking. 

Small moving boxes are ideal for books

Small moving boxes may not hold much in them. But they can support heavier items. That’s why they are ideal for books, magazines, tools or fragile items that should be packed one per box. As such, they make the ultimate moving supply list for 2020 as one of the most important items. Glass plates should also always go into small moving boxes. So should pieces of art, like small sculptures. Small moving boxes are easy to load onto a moving truck. And are ideal for reuse after the move. Like when packing for long-term storage. You can put your glassware in them. Or your book collection. They give good protection and are easy to keep around the house. 

small moving boxes for supplies
Small moving boxes are ideal for books. And can be used later when putting items in storage

Medium-sized boxes are great for clothes

Clothes aren’t heavy, but they take a lot of space. When clothes are properly folded, medium moving boxes are ideal for them. You can put many t-shirts or sweaters in a single box. And a great thing about them is that you can pack your clothes neatly folded inside them. They are also used for toys and small appliances.

Large moving boxes are ideal for packing up your bedroom

Large moving boxes can fit much larger items inside them. But they can’t hold much weight. That’s very important to keep in mind. So, they are ideal for bulky but lightweight items like blankets and pillows. They are also the ones that are most often thrown away. So, make sure you know a good trash removal NYC service. As there will be a lot of leftover packing material once you are done unpacking. And you want to properly dispose of those items without spending hours on it. 

Packing tape is also in the ultimate moving supply list for 2020

Packing tape is something that you need whenever you are packing something. It’s used to seal moving boxes and hold the plastic wrap in place. But, there are many different types of tape:

  • Shipping tape
  • Duct tape
  • Masking tape for labeling
  • Painters tape

For your purposes, you want a tape that is strong enough to hold the boxes closed. But weak enough so you can easily open those boxes. Avoid duck and painters tape, as they are too strong and too weak respectively. Shipping tape is the one you should be using. It’s also useful to have a tape dispenser in your ultimate moving supply list for 2020. As it will make taping much easier. 

duct tape is not on the ultimate moving supply list for 2020
Duct tape should be avoided when packing as it is too strong

Plastic wrapping is used to protect fragile items

Another important item on the ultimate moving supply list for 2020 is plastic wrap. And there are also many types of it. The two main ones are shrink wrap and air-filled plastic wrap. The first one is used for keeping items in place and protecting them. While the other is great for packing fragile items. You should have an ample supply of both. Any leftovers can be used to fill gaps inside moving boxes.

Other items in the ultimate moving supply list for 2020

We’ve talked about three main types of moving supplies needed for every relocation in 2020. But, there are also many other items that are needed. And which can come in handy during packing. 

  • Scissors for cutting tape and boxes
  • Label stickers for labeling moving boxes
  • Permanent markers for labeling if you aren’t using stickers
  • Colored markers are also useful for color-coding your boxes
  • A dolly is great to help when loading a moving truck
  • Gloves are important when carrying heavy items
  • Moving blankets are a great way to protect furniture and sensitive items like TVs. 
  • If moving on your own, felt pads are a must to protect your floors
  • And finally, you need cleaning supplies. Packing can produce a lot of dust and other dirt. So can unpacking. And you need something to clean that mess with. 

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