How to Label Boxes for Moving

When it comes to moving, a lot of people underestimate the packing process. Also, a lot of people don’t think about labeling the boxes correctly. But in order for relocation to be stress-free and successful, you should learn how to label boxes for moving properly. There are a lot of options out there and a lot of different ways to use your moving boxes and supplies to pack and label and eventually relocate your belongings. We will give you a couple of options on how to successfully pack and label everything. And trust us, by following this simple guide – you will not lose or forget one single item!

Why it is important to label boxes for moving?

Well, when you are relocating it can rather easy to lose some of your belongings. If you hire professional movers NYC they will relocate you easily but packing is up to you. And when you are in a hurry it is rather easy to misplace some items or lose them. People underestimate how much time they need for packing, and they often end up just trying to squeeze as many as things possible into boxes.  So, the first and most important thing is to give yourself enough time and take it easy. That way, you will have plenty of time and you will be able to relocate in no time.

time you will need to Label Boxes for Moving
Give yourself enough time to pack and label everything

Get enough packing materials

People often also don’t estimate correctly how much packing supplies they need. Often we try to save some money and end up paying much more. So, the first and most important tip is to get enough packing materials. You can always easily use leftovers of your packing supplies and repurpose them. Make sure to get good and sturdy boxes, especially if you have some sensitive belongings. You should make sure to have enough of:

  • Boxes
  • Packing peanuts
  • Tape
  • Different pencils, markers
  • Packing plastic

The first method to label boxes for moving – by color

So, this is one of the most common methods used. Basically you are color coding all the boxes. Each room gets its unique color and when you are unpacking it will be easy and fast. For example, all the living room items can go into boxes marked blue. And if you leave notes and descriptions – they will simply sort boxes by color. And if you have anything left behind, there are a lot of trash removal companies that can assist you.

The color method is one of the most often used methods

Number based method for labeling

The second option to label boxes for moving is by numbers. You will need to create an inventory and for example – the number one box goes into the kitchen. And in your inventory, you can write a detailed description – Box 1, room kitchen, plates, pans, etc. Some people prefer to use the color-coding method, while others like to use numbers. Basically choose whatever is more convenient for you. The most important thing is to label boxes and make sure that all of your belongings safely arrive at your new home. You can always try to find some additional ideas on different websites.

The essential box is important!

One of the things that we often oversee is the fact that once we move in into our new home, we will need some items instantly. And unpacking can take a lot of time. So, to avoid any possible problems you can pack your essential box. That box should go with you in the car and it should be clearly marked. This box should contain toiletries, some clothes, medicines, sheets and anything that you might need the first night once you arrive. That way, you will give yourself a little bit of time to adjust and start the unpacking process once you have rested.

Labeling boxes as fragile is important

It might seem that it is simple enough to write fragile on a box, and the work is done. But, to avoid any damage to your belongings you should try to do a little research and learn how to pack fragile items. You can get different stickers that will clearly mark that the box is fragile and it needs to be handled properly. Plates, glasses, art – anything that might seem fragile should be marked. No matter how well you pack it. And, in case there are some art pieces that need to be relocated – make sure to tell that to your moving company!

fragile Label Boxes for Moving
You need to mark fragile items clearly

Inventory can help a lot when relocating

Now that you know about some basic rules of packing, you should know that before you choose which option you prefer you need to create an inventory. Inventory should contain everything that is being relocated with you, and if you did not clearly label the box – make sure to check the inventory and unpack at the same time. That way if anything is missing – you will know it right away and you will be able to check around. Of course, inventory should represent your system – no matter is it by color or by number.

If you label boxes for moving – you will save time

Although it might seem unnecessary at the beginning once you reach your new home tired from relocation – labels will save you. That way, you will be able to start from the kids’ room. Or you will be able to find your work clothes immediately. It might take time to label and pack every box – but it will save you time when you start unpacking. The moving company will sort your boxes according to your system, and you will clearly see where you need to start.

Make sure to get good boxes

To avoid any possible problems, as we mentioned make sure to get good moving boxes. You can always find free boxes but make sure that they are not damaged and that they can be used for relocation. Also, check if there are any labels on the boxes  – to avoid any possible misunderstanding. You can get very creative when it comes to packing, labeling and moving your boxes!

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