How to keep employees motivated during relocation

Moving a commercial space requires a lot of planning and preparation. From making a checklist of items that need to be moved. To actually moving them. You also have to find a reputable moving company NYC to move your items quickly. But, there’s also an issue of how to keep employees motivated during relocation. Everything will be in chaos for days. And some people might even have to move because of it. So, it’s sometimes hard to keep everyone cheerful and productive. Here are a few tips that will help you do it.

To keep employees motivated during relocation share as much info as you can

Communication inside a company is very important. It builds team spirit and increases productivity. But, it’s not only important during work projects. Keeping your employees informed about company plans can build trust. And it’s the same when you have to relocate your office. You have to keep them in the loop. It will allow you and them to better plan the move. And it will also help keep employees motivated during relocation. 

look from their perspective to keep employees motivated during relocation
To better understand their problems look at the relocation from your employee’s perspective

Look at relocation from their perspective

There’s a lot to be done when you need to relocate your company. But, you must not forget to also see your employee’s perspective. While studies show that office relocation has a positive effect on employees because of improved working conditions, it’s not always the case. Some people might have trouble adjusting to the new location. Especially if you are moving further away. Some might even have to move in order to be able to continue working at your company. So, it’s important to have that in mind when moving. And provide the necessary information and support. 

Make sure everyone knows what to expect

If you want to keep employees motivated during relocation and after it, it’s important to keep expectations in check. You are probably moving to a bigger space. With will have much better working conditions. But, it’s important not to oversell your new location. Because, if it doesn’t meet the expectations of your employees it can have a long-lasting effect on morale. So, share the details and promise better conditions. But make sure not to promise something that you can not deliver. 

Frequent updates can help keep employees motivated during relocation

One of the ways to keep employees motivated during relocation is to keep them constantly informed. There’s nothing worse than not knowing what is going to happen next. Especially when that can have a big impact on your life. So, in order to allow them to have a stress-free relocation, make sure you provide them with frequent updates. Give them the moving date as soon as you can. And inform them of the progress of the new office setup. Show them photos of the new space and incentivize them to share their opinion. That way, they will feel more included in the relocation. 

updates will help you keep employees motivated during relocation
Provide frequent updates on your relocation plans

Provide support material to ease the transition

Just knowing when you are going to be moving is often not enough. So, you have to work towards making the transition as easy as possible. Make documents that outline exactly where the new office is going to be. As well as some other important information. Which lines go to that location? What’s the parking situation? Which are good places in New York they can relocate to be closer to work? Which daycare centers are good for their kids. And so on. Also, you can offer them assistance if they need to relocate. It can go a long way in making them feel more comfortable with the change. Which will, in turn, keep employees motivated during relocation.

Involve your employees as much as you can to keep them motivated during relocation

Providing information is great. It helps keep employees motivated during relocation. And provides a sense of predictability to the whole situation. But, if you really want to make them feel genuinely happy about the relocation, you need to involve them. If you run a small company, you can do a lot of things to achieve this. From picking commercial movers NYC together to organizing packing competitions. But, even large companies can find ways to involve their employees. It’s important that they can voice their opinion. And that they can do something to help the effort to relocate quickly. 

keep your employees motivated during relocation by involving them
Involve your employees in relocation as much as possible

Organize competitions and offer rewards

One of the best ways to motivate and keep employees motivated during relocation is to offer them rewards. So, you can come up with creative ways for them to get something. And help the relocation efforts. Competitions are a great way to do so. So, make sure you get a free moving estimate from your movers well in advance. That way you will know what your expenses are. And you can include the rewards in the moving budget. Then, you get distribute that as you see fit.

Organize a packing competition to speed things up and keep employees motivated during relocation

A great way to keep your employee’s spirits up and make relocation quicker is to organize a packing competition. It will involve your employees, give them something to do and they will get something out of it. Set up packing rules and let the games begin. For example, whoever packs the most items gets a reward. It can be monetary or symbolic. From cash grants to plaques that say “relocation hero” or something similar. 

There are many ways to keep employees motivated during relocation

As you can see, there are many different ways to keep employees motivated during relocation. You can implement some or all of them. Or even come up with your own creative ideas. And that will make this local relocation easier for your employees. Just make sure to share details and keep your colleagues informed.  And not promise something that you can’t deliver. It will go a long way in your efforts to keep employees motivated during relocation. 

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