Moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City

Brooklyn is a great place to live. But, many people decide to move to New Jersey. What is it about moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City that is so great? There are many great benefits. From lower cost of living to a more relaxed lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits and a guide on how to move and enjoy everything that Jersey City has to offer. 

Introduction to Jersey City

Jersey City is located in the northeastern part of New Jersey. It’s an amazing town filled with diverse cultures and friendly people. There are many great things about it. But, one that is most eye-catching is probably an amazing view of Manhattan skyline from its Liberty State Park. You can see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from there. The park also features Liberty Science Center, which hosts interactive exhibits, live animals and even an IMAX Dome theater. It’s definitely a place where you’ll be spending a lot of time after moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City. 

view of NYC skyline from Jersey City
The view of NYC Skyline is amazing from Jersey City

Benefits of moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City

People move for various reasons. Some move for jobs, some for love, some for what the city has to offer. And while Jersey City truly has a lot to offer, there are added benefits of moving from Brooklyn to NJ. One of the biggest, and most important to a lot of people is the cost of living. Both when it comes to housing costs as well as general shopping. Another is its proximity to Manhattan. Even if being technically in a different state. 

Everything is cheaper in Jersey City

One of the main reasons people decide to move to Jersey City is the cost of living. And while that’s not the most important reason for some, many people are surprised at how much more affordable it is. Let’s talk about housing for starters. While Brooklyn isn’t as expensive as Manhattan, the first thing that you’ll notice after moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City is the rent. It will drop significantly. You’ll be able to afford a larger and better-located apartment for a lot less. With a lot more amenities in a building that features many more perks. That is especially important if you plan on raising a family in New Jersey. A quieter life and a bigger apartment are what you’ll need. And you’ll get it for much less. But, it’s not just about rent prices. Almost everything else is cheaper in Jersey City. From groceries to your internet bill. 

save money when moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City
You can save a lot of money since everything in Jersey City is cheaper

You can still work in Manhattan after moving to Jersey City

Probably one of the most convenient things about Jersey City is its proximity to NYC. It’s right there, just across the river. That means that you’ll be able to live in NJ while working in New York City. And with almost everything being more affordable in Jersey City, your standard of living will rise drastically. You’ll be able to afford a nicer car. And have somewhere to park it. You’ll be able to travel more and comfortably raise a family. All while living close to Manhattan but away from the crowd. 

Jersey City is quieter and even more relaxed than Brooklyn

Jersey City seems to have everything, doesn’t it? It truly is a great place to live. People are quite friendly. And you can experience a diverse pool of cultures working together. It makes deciding to move to New Jersey much easier. Life in Jersey City is much more relaxed. There isn’t so much rushing around. People are not in such a hurry. There’s more space. So finding parking will not be a nightmare. One bad thing about it is that shops usually close earlier. There’s not much going on after a certain hour. Which is both a good and a bad thing. Depending on how you look at it. 

Moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City has never been easier

Now that you’ve seen some of the benefits, you are probably thinking about moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City. But, how would you go about that? Well, it’s never been easier. With so many great moving companies NYC, you are just a call away from making it happen. Here are some things that you have to do to prepare. And what to do afterward. 

find movers when moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City
You have to find quality movers for your relocation to Jersey City

Find good local movers when moving to Jersey City from Brooklyn

One of the most important things when moving is to find good local movers. You need the support of the professionals both to make your relocation faster, as well as to avoid many mistakes that can happen when moving on your own. So, look for residential movers which offer the services that you need. Make sure you do a quick background check on them and to read their online reviews and ratings. That way you can be sure that they are the real deal.

Get your belongings ready for moving from Brooklyn to Jersey City

The next step is to get your belongings ready. You’ll need to carefully pack everything. But, the first thing that you need to do is decide what you’ll be moving. A great way to lower moving costs is to get rid of the things you no longer need. The fewer items that you have to move the less your move is going to cost. So, call a trash removal NYC service.  They can properly dispose of your trash in a safe and environmentally friendly way. If something is still in working order you can donate it or give it to your friends or neighbors. Everything else should be thrown out.

Packing is a big task when moving

Another important thing that you need to do is pack. While you can always call professionals to help you, you can also do it on your own. There are many ways to find quality moving supplies. And then just read a couple of packing guides and you’ll know the gist of it. Just take it slow and make sure to properly protect your belongings for the road.

Enjoy Jersey City

Once you are finished with the relocation, all that is left for you to do is to enjoy it. So, visit the Liberty Science Center. Enjoy the streets and the quiet. Meet the new neighbors. All in all, enjoy everything that Jersey City has to offer. 

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